Wine and Sex

Wine and Sex... the perfect pair?



In a world madly infatuated with wine, the question of the ultimate wine pairing is posed often.


So -- what pairs best with wine?


Food comes to mind first. Cabernet Sauvignon with roast beef, Zinfandel with pasta Marinara, Pinot Noir with grilled fish.


But wine is more than a mere complement to your favorite meal. Because of its complex textures, unique aromas, and its mysterious influence on the human brain, wine has seeped deep into areas of our lives far removed from any gastronomic connections.


For example, there is wine and ambiance. Dimmed lighting, soft music, a fireplace… whatever your version of the perfect moment, a glass of your favorite wine will only enhance its charm.

              DIRTY SEX CONFESSIONS          

There is also the mystical relationship between wine and bubble bath.


Wine and bubbles -- the perfect way to de-stress, lift up spirits and stimulate a sleepy libido. Warm bubbles reaching into every nook of your body rise your core temperature and make your mind slightly fuzzy. So warm you are nearing the threshold of uncomfortable... you take a sip of wine and swallow it slowly. The taste is intense and your body absorbs the sweet nectar like a sponge. The wine goes straight to you head and makes all your problems go away.


Wine and conversation? Yes again. Nothing else adds more flare to your story than a glass of red.


What else marries with wine?  There is wine and a foreign movie, wine and a romance novel, wine and a high school memory.  And then…


Then there is wine and sex...

16 reasons why you should pour yourself a glass of wine (right now):


1.  It's been a long day and a glass of wine will officially kick off the start to your evening.


2.  A glass of your favorite wine will help you relax and will improve on your overall mood.


3.  Regular but moderate consumption of wine has numerous health benefits so you’ll be drinking to a better health.


4.  Drinking wine promotes a healthy weight loss so you’ll be drinking to a slimmer figure.


5.  A glass or two of wine will give your skin a sexy glow.


6.  Wine will put a flirty sparkle in your eyes.


7.  Wine will make your lips look fuller and your nipples feel pointier.


8.  Wine will put you in the mood for naughty love.


9.  Half way into your second glass, the magical power of wine will make you lick your lips in a very seductive way.


10.  Wine will put sexy thoughts in your head.


11.  Wine facilitates interpersonal relationships so sharing a bottle with your lover might start off with silly giggles but -- end with the both you revealing your dirtiest secretes and sharing your deepest sexual fantasies.


12.  A glass or two might reduce your sexual inhibitions and result in a passionate session of naughty love making (perhaps featuring one of the just-revealed sexual fantasies).



5 things NOT to do after a couple of glasses of wine:


1. Pluck you eyebrows

2.  Give your spouse a haircut.

3.  Help your child color in the lines.

4.  Reply to a condescending e-mail from your boss.

5.  Call you ex.




Naughty adult sex games -- and wine.  Try these to spice up your sex life and enhance your sexual pleasure.

No question about it, wine and sex make the perfect pair. No other food/activity relationship makes this much sense. Sip it slowly beforehand and wine will fire up a sexual desire in you. Drink it during -- and you will do naughty things to your partner and let your partner do naughty things to you.

But sometimes… just sometimes -- the simple sip-and-swallow just doesn’t seem like enough. Once in a while, hard-core wine-and-sex lovers want to do more than simply ingest their favorite wine. They want to smell it, taste it, soak in it... be intimate with it.

So let’s do it! Let’s tease and play in a way that will re-define the way we drink wine and the way we make love. Here is how...


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