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A Dirty Confession
Did it just this morning...  Did it in an office building full of people and did it with the person I thought I despised.  Scariest thing?  I enjoyed it way too much...

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WINE AND SEX          *          NAUGHTY STORIES          *           A DIRTY CONFESSION

My name is Jessica.  I’m in a vulnerable state of mind right now and I might regret it later, but I would like to make a confession.  A dirty confession.  Because what I did today was bad and naughty.  Very bad and naughty in fact...  But then why did it feel so good?

Why do I feel the need to confess?  Because thinking about it… replaying details of the naughty deed in my mind is making my head spin in crazy circles.  I might be silly… desperate perhaps… but I’m hoping that sharing my dirty secret will somehow make the spinning go away.

So I did it just this morning.  Did it at the office and during my regular office hours -- just before lunch time in fact.  Did it in daylight and an office building full of people.  And I did it with the person I thought I despised.  The scariest part?  I enjoyed it way too much.

I’m still very confused about the whole thing, still trying to make sense of what happened.  Did I really do… that?  With him?  I’m at home right now, upstairs in my bed.  I feel safe and comfortable here.  Like this is the only place the mystery of this morning could be solved.  T.V. is on but I’m not really watching.  On the nightstand next to me is a bottle of my favorite wine.  I’m ready for my third glass… just poured it.  Maybe a little more alcohol will make this confession easier…  Perhaps prevent me from gagging on the dirty words I will need to utter in order to describe what happened.

I need a minute to work myself up to confession time -- the wine hasn’t numbed my senses enough just yet.  So instead of jumping right into it, I will start off easy and tell you a little bit about myself first.  Go back in time a bit and describe the chain of strange events that lead to the naughty encounter of this morning.

So I’m a thirty-something former exotic dancer… stripper if you prefer.

If you are wondering how I got into dancing, this is how.  Tired of shopping for second hand clothing and drinking cheap wine, my college roommate and I decided one day that enough was enough.  Living broke wasn’t the “adventure” that we thought it would be and the two of us saw dancing as a quick way out of our miserable state of poverty.  It was just supposed to be a short term venture, just for long enough to get ourselves out of the hole.  But we both fell in love with the stripping world from our very first time at the club and a short term anti-poverty venture turned into years of wild party and easy money.

But that’s in the past.  I have been out of the strip club and living the “normal life” -- or so my husband calls it -- for almost a year now.  Things are pretty good for me so far, no complaints, but I miss my old life sometimes.  Stripping was a big part of my life for more than a decade, so it’s only normal I guess.  I wish I could have stayed on for longer...  But getting naked for money is not the type of a job that you can continue on forever.  So when Paul and I got engaged, we decided that day of our wedding would officially mark the end of my days in the “biz”.  And that is what happened indeed.

Since I didn’t really have any “regular job” experience and my resume was only a page long, I was a little bit worried about finding a nice office position -- but to my surprise -- I landed one faster than I thought.  I’m proud to say that for ten months now, I have been working as a Purchasing Assistant for a successful car part manufacturing company and doing an exemplary job.

I like my job a lot.  It’s not what I’m used to in terms of money, but it actually is not too bad pay-check-wise at all.  And the office is only a ten minute drive from my home, which is a big convenience and a huge time saver.  But most important of all is the fact that most of my co-workers are super nice people and I enjoy the easy-going atmosphere at work.  I just love going to the office.  Everybody likes and respects me here.  No one of course knows of my previous life as a stripper or they would not treat me the same way, I’m sure of it.

I feel lucky to be working here and consider this to be a great job, perhaps the perfect job… or… so I did.  Things could not have been any better for me here -- until just a couple of weeks ago when an unexpected problem has suddenly developed...  The problem had to do with the President of my company who recently expressed a sexual interest in me and has come on to me in the most bizarre way.

But to be fair -- I sort of brought this problem on myself.  I will explain shortly.

A guy coming on to me wouldn’t normally be much of an issue.  If not much else, years of working at the strip club taught me a valuable skill of  applying a "painless and effective" rejection.  I was a master at this -- able to deflect unwanted sexual advances from countless men in a way that preserved their fragile male egos and kept their self-esteem intact.  Worked most of the time.  As a stripper, you have to learn this sort of thing or you lose a tone of regulars.  Not good for business.

But this predicament was of a slightly different nature as George Tropiano -- my new boss -- happened to be the most intimidating man I have ever met.  More than intimidating -- George was an insensitive jerk who didn’t give a damn about anybody but himself.  My delicate "painless rejection technique" would not stand a chance with this prick, I was sure of it.

George enjoyed the power he had over people and used it to humiliate those around him every chance he got.  It was uncomfortable to sometimes sit there in a weekly production meeting and watch him relentlessly pick on his “victim of the day” to the point of the poor person's starting to stutter, blush or cry.  He just loved having that effect on people...  Luckily, I have not been the recipient of George’s special treatment as of yet and I hoped that I never would be.

But insensitive jerk wasn’t all.  George also had a reputation of being an oversexed pig who -- sadly -- chased after some of his female coworkers.  According to Janet, the-office-know-it-all, George has had sexual relations with quite a number of the women working at our office.  Janet said that if he decided he wanted to fuck you, it would become his personal goal to get in your pants no matter what and he would be relentless in his pursuit.

Most of the time there was no problem.  Many of the women on his “to-do list” appreciated the attention from the "big and powerful" boss and rewarded it generously.  Others thought that fucking the big guy would further their careers and didn’t mind putting in the “special” overtime.  And the few that resisted his sexual advances… let’s just say would suddenly find the atmosphere at work to be a lot less pleasant than it used to be.  Most of them quit.

My perv-radar went off the very first time I met George, but I wasn’t sure if I completely believed  in what Janet said about him.  Would a company’s President be so stupid as to sexually pursue his own employees?  That’s sexual harassment and never ends well no matter who you are.  Yet… he was clearly giving off that “dirty-pig-vibe” so maybe the idea was not as ridiculous as it sounded.

Janet told me some unbelievable stories about George's sexual adventures.  Again, like a lot of things Janet told me over the months I have known her, some of her stories sounded pretty far-fetched and I often wondered if she was just making them up.  But I didn’t care.  I was a sucker for a dirty story and listened gob-smacked to each and every word of her stories, not particularly worried about their truth content factor.  My favorite must be the “cleaning lady” story.  Here is how it goes.

So as Janet tells it, late into the evening one day, Mrs. Jones -- our company's cleaning lady -- happened to open the door to George’s office.  All the poor woman wanted was to clean the last office of her busy day and go home… but events that followed took a very different turn.  Mrs. Jones froze in her shoes when she looked beyond the door and saw… what she saw.

It actually wasn’t so much what she saw as who she saw.  And who she saw was George, the big boss who -- for no reasons she could clearly articulate -- just scared the living lights out of her.  And there he was now, standing big and tall just a few feet away from the doorway she was in.  This startled the woman who didn’t expect anybody there to begin with… and who certainly didn’t expect the company’s President to be on the office premises this late hour of the evening.  But the thing that shocked her most was the fact that… this man she feared so much… wasn't wearing any pants.

George’s black dress pants laid on the floor just beside him in a messy pile.  Without them -- his most intimate area was completely exposed and out there for Mrs. Jones to see.  And that’s when she saw… IT... George’s erected penis.  Large and hard -- and to her horror -- pointing straight in her direction.  Shocked by this sight, all the muscles of the woman’s body tensed and stiffened and she was suddenly unable to move.  Her brain was telling her to turn around and run, but her legs -- limp and jelly -- just wouldn’t follow the command.  She fell into a weird state of a short-term-paralysis and had no choice but to stand there and watch, her eyes wide from the shock… soon registering the fact that another person was there in the office with George.  The other person was Martha, the Polish girl from accounting.

Martha was in this awkward half-squat-half-kneel position down and between George's spread legs.  She was holding onto his thighs for support and appeared to be in a process of… eating his testicles as his “sack” was entirely engulfed by her mouth.  Just under the shaft of his stiff penis -- turned upward and cocked to one side -- Martha’s blond head was bobbing in a rhythmic back-and-forth as moist suckling noises were filling the quiet room with naughty sounds of oral sex.

Martha was a pretty girl but not the brightest Accounting Clerk the world had seen and many wondered how she managed to keep her job for as long as she did.  Mrs. Jones just figure out the answer to that question.  Martha had a set of very special skills that more than made up for what she was lacking talent-wise on the accounting front.

Sucking her boss’s balls to perfection was definitely one of Martha’s special skills.  Still frozen in shock and unable to move, Mrs. Jones had no choice but to watch the live porno scene unfolding just feet away from where she stood.  Mildly intrigued by now though, she was full of admiration for Martha who was doing an excellent job on her oral task-- working in a meticulous manner to ensure that George’s testicles were pleasured to his absolute satisfaction.

Martha was playful and creative too.  She surprised George -- and Mrs. Jones -- by pulling an unexpected naughty trick.  Giving no warning at all, Martha suddenly paused.  Went completely still as if frozen, George’s balls still inside of her mouth; the two of them looking like a lifeless statue depicting a naughty sexual act.  Few long seconds passed and Mrs. Jones was beginning to worry.  Was everything all right?

But everything was just fine.  This was simply a strategic move on the part of Martha -- one of her playful erotic tricks.  This girl was a real pro who knew the sexual pleasure game very well.  She gave the excruciating pause just the right amount of time and the second that Al expressed his first sign of impatience, she resumed her naughty activity… with an added a twist...

Martha sucked in George’s testicles even deeper and tighter into her mouth, and then slowly… very slowly… started pulling her head away from his crotch, bringing his testicles with her... pulling and stretching them away from the scrotum where they belonged.  Her head lower and lower… his balls farther and farther.  Mrs. Jones was worried once again.  Was she hurting poor George?

George was in fact starting to show subtle signs of physical discomfort.  His face twitched and grimaced and he let out a quiet squeal, but -- did absolutely nothing to make Martha stop her torturous play.  So she kept on going.  Pulling and stretching with no mercy… turning George's squeals into painful screams…  And just when Mrs. Jones thought that Martha had gone too far -- she paused -- and then slowly retracted her head returning George's balls to their correct position.  Mrs. Jones let out a quiet sigh of relief.

But despite all the squealing and all the twitching, George didn’t seem to mind the playful erotic torture inflicted on him by Martha.
  "Good girl,” he said to her and reached for his cock.  “Keep on sucking my balls as I’m whacking off,” he said and begun to vigorously stroke the length of his penis, occasionally hitting the side of Martha's head in the process.

Martha was so engrossed in what she was doing that she didn’t notice the cleaning lady standing there in the door.  But George, who was facing that way the entire time, saw the woman the second she got there.  Startled?  Surprised?  Embarrassed?   George was none of that.  In fact, George didn’t react to the woman’s presence there in any way -- other than to give her a little smile.  The little smile said: “Keep on watching.  A surprise is coming."  So she watched.

Having a spectator there seemed to have awoken a little performer inside of George who decided to play things up for her benefit.  Looking straight into her eyes, George increased the speed with which he was stroking his cock.  He was getting louder too, uttering incoherent half-sentences as if trying to tell Mrs. Jones how much he enjoyed her company.  His balls were still inside of Martha’s mouth, but he was masturbating much faster now -- his body jerking violently from the impact -- and it was becoming more difficult for the girl to maintain her balance.

It became clear to Mrs. Jones that George was nearing his orgasm.  His face tensed in that “I’m almost there expression” that couldn’t be mistaken for anything else.  Just seconds away from it now, George was whacking off so violently that Martha couldn’t continue sucking on his balls and they suddenly fell out of her mouth with a bounce.  Moist and deliciously pink, they kept on bouncing about as George masturbated on.

George maintained an intense eye contact with Mrs. Jones right up to the big moment.  But then, the intense pleasure of his pre-climax took him away from the here-and-now and he couldn’t focus on her face any more.  His eyes rolled back in his head and his body suddenly stiffened -- a definite sing that he was there.  Mrs. Jones watched as thick ribbons of creamy ejaculate flu across the room… straight in her direction... and with some of it landing on her arm.  And that’s what did it.  The moment a warm blob of George’s cum glazed the skin of Mrs. Jones’s arm, was the moment that brought the woman out of her temporary freeze.  She was finally able to turn around and run away from the live pornographic scene that she unwillingly had to endure.

So there you have it, my favorite dirty story by Janet.  She swears that it is true but I have my doubts.  Doesn’t matter to me though.  If not much else -- a fun thing to picture in your head.  But getting back to my own situation now...

So as I already mentioned -- I’m married.  My husband Paul and I have not been married for very long and I still had that “newly-wed” status around the office that made my co-workers ask stupid questions like: "How is married life treating you?" or "Are you pregnant yet?".

At the same time, having the “newly-wed” status had a real perk around here in that it discouraged George from potentially pursuing you in a sexual way.  Not that in my case he would have in the first place -- just saying.  Janet said that George didn’t bother with women in fresh relationships.  Too much work.  George chased after ladies who were either single or -- married for long enough to appreciate a little extramarital attention.

But my situation was a little bit different now.  Something that happened just a couple months back has changed many things in my life -- one being the way George and others perceived my “newly-wed” status.

My heart breaks every time I have to say it but here it is... Paul fucked up.  Fucked up big time.  Cheated on me with an overweight bleach-blonde that he met in some sleazy bar after the two of us had a fight.  Told me all about it.  Desperate and horny, the big girl let my husband take her to a cheap motel room where she did nasty things to his cock.  Dirty sexual acts that never even crossed my mind to try.  Acted like she hasn’t seen or tasted cock in years.  Kept urging him on: “Squirt on me big boy, squirt all over me”.  And he did.  Ended up coming all over her face.  Why he felt the need to tell me every last detail of that nasty encounter, I will never know.

No surprise, we almost divorced over the incident.  I even moved in with my mother for a few days, thinking at the time that I never wanted to see Paul again.  At the end though, we sort of worked things out and decided to give our marriage another try.  But things between us have not been the same since.

Everyone at work knew about the situation with Paul.  My own fault.  I was hurting badly and found that talking about what happened to a couple of girlfriends at the office made me hurt a little less.  I’m sure the girls didn’t mean to gossip and only told “one other person” but before I knew what hit me -- I was on the receiving end of some serious pity-looks from all my co-workers.

All of my co-workers except for George that is… whose looks didn't appear to be expressing any pity-related sentiments towards me whatsoever.  Instead, his long and meaningful stares seemed to be telling me: “fuck you soon and fuck you hard, girl.”

However... as much as I would like to believe it... learning about my unfortunate marital situation was not what gave George the green light to come after me sexually.  I actually think he would’ve left me alone.  What encouraged him was something stupid I did (or rather said) while under the influence of some serious amount of red wine.  So I am not an innocent party here and feel somewhat responsible for the events that led to the naughty encounter of this morning.  Let me explain.

So a couple of Fridays ago, a number of us from Purchasing decided to grab some drinks after work.  We went out as a group frequently and called these outings “team building” retreats.  George rarely joined in.  Too important to socialize with the little guys -- was always my take on it.  But this time around, for some strange reason, George showed up at our favorite neighborhood pub and ordered a scotch.

So… let me start by saying that ever since Paul’s infidelity, I have been drinking a little more than my norm.  Just another way to try and cope with the stress of it all, I guess.  Drinking around co-workers is never a good idea and I should never have ordered that second glass of Shiraz…  But I did… and the alcohol hit me fast and hit me hard.

Forgetting that nobody really cared any more…  once again, I started pouring my heart out about Paul to a couple of girlfriends.  Why did he do this to me?  How could he?  Could I ever forgive him?  And at the end of my rent something possessed me to say: “I swear that one of these days I will get my revenge on his cheating ass.  I’ll go out there and fuck, suck, deep throat, and jerk off as many guys as I possibly can.  Let them come all over my face too, just like he did all over the face of that whore.”

This was probably the most inappropriate thing that ever came out of my mouth.  I didn’t mean it of course.  My normally dirty-minded and easy-going girlfriends looked at me with stunned expressions on their faces, and I realized right away that I have crossed the line.  Worst part?  George was sitting just a short distance away and heard every word.

I regretted my words immediately but couldn’t take them back.  What on earth possessed me to say a thing like that?  No idea…  I was still in a process of forgiving Paul for what he did -- but cheating on him in revenge was never an option.  This profane statement was simply the case of having too much to drink on a day that was particularly tough for me in the “forgive department”.  It just came out of my mouth for no other reason than that.

George fixed an intrigued gaze on me and boldly stared in my direction while slowly sipping on his scotch -- perverted little smirk on his face -- and I knew that as of that precise moment I made it to the very top of his “co-workers to fuck” list.  I fueled his already dirty mind with sexually explicit images and dirty thoughts.  I was responsible for making him want to fuck me…  And as much as I hated the man I couldn't really blame him for that.

This was not a good situation to be in at all.  This man had the power to fuck with my job -- the job I cared about so much.  And at this difficult time in my life, with all that’s been going on with Paul, I really didn’t need another problem.  What was I going to do?  How was I going to handle this?

Sure enough, George didn’t waste any time and called me on my phone extension first thing Monday morning.
“Can you come and see me in my office please?"

“What about Mr. Petriano?”

"I would like to discuss with the results of last month’s Overstock Report.”

Overstock Report my ass, I thought to myself but promptly replied: “Be right over.”

I took a deep breath and started an anxiety-filled trip passed the reception desk and down the long hallway until I reached his office.

“Close the door behind you and sit down,” he said in a bossy tone which I didn’t appreciate.  I walked toward an expensive leather chair across from his desk and deeply sunk into its ridiculously soft cushion.  I felt trapped the instant I sat in it, but tried not to show my discomfort.

George clicked on his computer mouse and in an instant, a colorful chart popped up on his screen.  A blue graph-line pointing upwards indicated that our overstock inventory levels were going up.  And there was nothing that upset this man more than dead stock in our warehouse.  The problem was getting more serious as of late and was the focus of our weekly production meetings and subject of countless e-mails.  So I was ready for it.

But George made no mention of the blue graph-line on his computer screen.  Instead, he shifted in his chair and fixed an intense gaze on me the very same way he did on Friday.  Just stared like a creep, making me very, very uncomfortable.  At my face at first but then -- surprised me by shamelessly lowering his gaze toward my chest area and giving my breasts a thorough once-over.  What nerve!

Realizing this morning that I might be dealing with George later, I chose a very modest outfit to wear for today.  But under his perverted gaze, I felt like the plain grey sweater I had on was getting tighter and smaller the longer he looked on.  I felt like all the bumps and curves of my body were showing right through it, including my nipples which, for some crazy reason, were getting larger and harder the longer this weird situation was going on.  What the hell was going on?  George noticed my nipples trying to poke through my clothes and smiled which -- crazy again -- made me blush like a teenage girl.  Me... blushing?  I couldn’t believe myself!

And just when I thought I couldn’t take another minute of this very awkward situation, just as I was getting ready to stand up and leave, George looked deeply into my eyes and finally broke the unpleasant silence.
“Problems at home?” he asked.

So that’s how he was going to go about it.

“Oh gosh, no.  Not at all.  Everything’s great.  Really good…”  I was trying to sound convincing.  Trying way too hard.

“Didn’t sound like it on Friday."
Oh boy…  “About that Mr. Petriano… I had way too much to drink that night and said some stupid things I didn’t mean.  My behavior was extremely inappropriate and I’m sorry about the way I acted.”

George cocked his head to the side and looked at me skeptically.

Bullshit,” he said.

My jaw dropped in surprise to his statement.  Where was he going with this?

“Bullshit,” he said again.  “You were not drunk, my dear.  Two glasses of wine is not enough to make you drunk.”

Creepy.  Was he watching me the entire night?  Close enough to know how many glasses of wine I had?  And how the hell would he know how much alcohol would or would-not make drunk?  Asshole.  I cleared my throat.

“Again, very sorry for my behavior. Won’t happen again."
He snickered under his breath.
“Let me repeat what I just said -- you were not drunk.  Not even a little.  Alcohol had nothing to do with your behavior that night.  You meant what you said.  You wanted to say it.  And you said it loud enough for me to hear it.  That’s right.  What you said was for me to hear in a little game called seduction."

What?!  What the hell was he insinuating?  Was he saying that I was somehow trying to encourage him sexually by uttering that inappropriate statement?  The was most ridicules thing I have heard in my entire life!  I was so stunned I couldn’t even respond.  Yes -- I did know that my dirty remark had a lot of sexual change, and yes -- I did realize it would potentially encourage George to come after me sexually.  But what happened was just a drunken mistake -- nothing more than that.  There was no alternate motive to my drunken stupidity in the slightest of ways.  But George didn’t see it that way.

“There was more to it than the explicit statement, Jessica… just think about the way you acted that night.  You were all sex and flirt, acting in a sexually charged manner that was unmistakably directed at me.  You were plain teasing me the entire night.  In a subtle way of course, your girlfriends didn’t pick up on it.  But you knew what you were doing.  Touching your hair, pouting your lips, adjusting your bra strap.  You knew my eyes were on you the entire time and you were loving the attention.  Every second of it!”

I was beside myself.

“That’s outrageous!  I barely even knew you were there.  Once again, I was drunk, very drunk, and there is nothing more to it than that.”

“You know you don’t get drunk that easily, darling.”

What was with all the dears and darlings, who the hell did he think he was?  He was starting to piss me off.

“You then took your sweater off."

“I may have.  Is it against the law to take off a layer of clothing when you’re feeling hot?”

“That little tank top you wore underneath left very little to imagination.  You didn’t waste any time either.  Put those big breasts of yours to work right away.  Bouncing in your chair like a hyper five-year-old.  Making you delicious tits bounce and jiggle so hard they were close to falling out of your top.”

"This is ridiculous…”

“Making me hungry for you… making me imagine what I would do to those tits if I could only touch them…”

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

“And your nipples…”

“My nipples what?”

“So hard and pointy that night… Just like they are right now.”

I looked down at my chest and was horrified to discover that my nipples were obscenely hard.  You could see them right through my clothes.

“I would love to put those nipples in my mouth right now.  Run my wet tongue around their rim.  Suck them.  Kiss them.  Chew them.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  The President of the company I worked for… the boss around here, the guy in charge… was he really saying these things to me?  Unbelievable.  Again, I completely understood that his sexual interest was partly of my own doing, but this... this was crossing all kinds of lines of inappropriate and unprofessional no matter who did what.  I couldn’t let him talk to me like that.  I stood up and quickly walked out of his office -- slamming the door on my way out.

I ran towards the ladies room and was relieved to find that no one was in it.  I looked at the reflection of my face in a small mirror above the sink.  It was beet red from the flush of heat I experienced while listing to Gorge’s indecent sex talk.  I splashed cold water on my cheeks to cool down.  The nerve of that guy!  Suggesting that I was somehow interested in him sexually?!  No way in hell!

Appalled as I was by what just transpired in George’s office, I could not help but wonder about two very strange things.  The first was the matter of my nipples and the question of why they got so fucking hard during my meeting with this guy.  And the second thing?  The second thing was the question of my pussy… and why on earth was it so unbelievably moist right now.


I was shaken up by the incident with George, but didn’t tell anybody about it.  I made a firm mental decision though -- I would not give this asshole the opportunity to attempt his manipulative techniques on me again.  I would avoid him as much as possible, plain ignore him.  And -- if he ever tried anything funny with me again -- I would not hesitate but take the matter up with the company’s Human Resources Department.

But to my surprise, I did not hear from George in the days that followed at all.  Turned out he was the one ignoring me, not the other way around.  Funny…  Didn’t call me, didn’t come by my desk, didn’t request any more meetings.  Did this mean that I had won?  Did I make him realize that I wasn’t just another whore he could fuck just because he wanted to?  Success.  Looks like the pervert decided to leave me alone.  Super, wonderful, great -- I thought.

Or did I?

A little part deep inside of me quietly wondered -- did he give up a little too easy?  Did he notice something unattractive about me during our meeting?  Something ugly and smelly that made him conclude I wasn’t worth his time or effort?  Self-doubt overwhelmed me…  Maybe Paul saw the same thing in me the night he decided to ejaculate all over another woman’s face…

It’s not like me to feel insecure on the “attractive and desirable” front.   I was one of the top girls at the strip club and men adored me.  Did something change since I quit dancing?  Did office-Jessica lose the sex appeal of her stripper-Jessica counterpart?  Evidence was piling up.  The biggest pervert I knew appeared to have given up on me after only one try.  It’s what I wanted all long so it’s a good thing… I guess…  But then there was the worsening situation with Paul.

Paul and I haven’t had sex in almost six weeks.  We just argued so much...  Night after night, I was going to bed so horny -- fantasizing about my body being touched… my nipples being sucked… my pussy being eaten.  I was in a desperate need of an orgasm that would relieve some of the tension I felt all over.  Masturbating could only satisfy me so much.

And this brings me to this morning…  It’s confession time.

I was in a bad mood when I arrived at the office this morning.  It was a combination of things.  Paul and I had another big fight last night.  Needless to say, I didn’t get to ride his cock yet again and ended up sleeping alone.  Very upset with my husband… and sexually frustrated too…  I cried most of the night and didn’t get very much sleep.  When the alarm went off, I felt so exhausted that I briefly considered calling in sick.  But I didn’t.  I didn’t want to be home alone with all my miserable thoughts.  There was also the hormonal thing -- time of the month was only days away and I could feel it in my body.  My breasts felt heavy and my nipples hurt-and-itched -- both at the same time -- in a way that made me horny even more.  My pelvic area felt tight and there was this intense itch inside my pussy that only a stiff cock could scratch better.

I felt irritated and frustrated, sitting one ass-cheek on the edge on my chair and just vibrating.  I was aggressively slamming on the keys of my keyboard which was totally freaking my co-workers out.  But they didn’t say anything and left me alone to deal with my bad day.

Something happened then… a seemingly insignificant event that followed pushed me over the edge of sanity and set into motion a chain of events that lead to -- not sure yet -- either the most repulsive sexual experience of my life… or the most erotic one ever.

So I was sitting at my desk, my head just fizzing with a wide range of contrasting emotions.  I was tired, upset and horny.  Worried about my relationship with Paul and feeling uncertain about the future of my marriage.  Where did I go wrong?

I was trying to reach him on his cell phone but he wasn’t picking up.  Tried a bunch of times but got his voice mail every time… Paranoia started setting in and I was imagining the worst...  He was at his ex-girlfriend’s house.  The bitch recently separated from her husband and has been messaging Paul on Facebook.

I was always a little bit threatened by "Sexy Alice".  Mostly because Paul slipped up one time and (after a couple of beers) told me that of all the women he slept with, his ex-girlfriend Alice had the best tits and gave the best tit fuck.  Apparently, you couldn’t get a better tit fuck from anyone else in the entire world.  What an idiot for saying a thing like that to his wife!  My tired brain imagined now that they were together right now...  Paul sitting on her couch and she… the sexy bitch on her knees in front of him, letting him slide his cock up and down the tight fold in between her huge tits.

I dialed again.  I didn’t know what I would do if he didn’t answer this time.  On the third ring… his damn outgoing message again.  I wanted to scream, to kick something, to throw the fucking phone against the wall... break it into a thousand little pieces.  I was on the verge of crazy now.  And then…

Then I looked up and saw George.  He was standing on the other side of my cubicle half-wall and doing what he was always so great at -- staring.  There was a hint of an arrogant smirk on his lips that made me want to punch him in the face.

When he walked away just a few seconds later, I just sat there for a while, confused and stunned.  My brain wasn’t functioning properly any more.  It detached itself from the reality of it all and floated somewhere between Paul’s “please leave a message after the tone” and the smirk on George’s face.  Leave a message… smirk… leave a message… smirk.  And then I lost it.

I slammed down the phone and got up from my chair.  Not really in control of my own actions, almost as if hypnotized, I started to slowly walk towards George’s office and before I could stop myself, I was inside it.

He was sitting behind his desk, reading something on his phone.  For the first time ever, I did not feel intimidated by this man at all, didn’t feel a drop of fear.  It was a good feeling.

He didn’t seem surprised to see me.

“Hi there,” he said.  “How can I help you?”

“How you can help me?!” I yelled at him.  “You can start by not sneaking up on me and by not listening to my private phone calls!”

He was calm.  Cool as a cucumber.

“Close the door,” he said.

“No, I am not closing your damn door!”

“You are making a scene, Jessica.  Please close the door.”

I looked over my shoulder and noticed that George’s secretary was peeking in our direction.  I knew about her from Janet.  She was one of his whores.  Blew him right in his office at least twice a week.  I never liked the woman and didn’t appreciate her attention right now so I decided to close his office door after all.

“What is it Jessica?”  He asked me as if he didn’t know.

“Like I said, it's rude to sneak up on an unsuspecting individual and listen to their private phone conversation!"

He laughed out loud as if I said something very amusing.

“Conversation you say?”

“Yes, I said conversation!”  You jerk, I almost added.

“That thing you were briefly engaged in was not a conversation, my dear.  In order to have a quote-unquote conversation, you need at least two people.  A pre-recorded greeting does not count as a person.”

I was fuming by now.  This asshole plain enjoyed my misfortune and pain.  So I was yelling at him even louder now.  “I also didn’t appreciate our little meeting a couple weeks back, when you suggested that I was trying to seduce you that stupid night at the pub.  The most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!"

The insecure part of me wanted me to ask him why he completely ignored me since that meeting.  But I said nothing.  Instead, overwhelmed by everything that was happening to me, I felt week and helpless and to my absolute horror -- suddenly started to cry.  Just couldn’t control it.  Tears were pouring down my cheeks and my chest was heaving.  I felt like a complete idiot, but couldn’t stop myself. 

George looked at me in a way that stirred me inside.  Didn’t say anything for a good while but then, when he finally did speak… his words sent a jolt down my spine.

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to upset you in any way.  I would never want to hurt you… Chantal.”

I froze.  Did he just call me… Chantal?  I haven’t heard anyone call me that in months…  Because Chantal used to be my stage name at Erotica,  the strip club I used to work at.

I looked at him carefully…

“Did you just call me… Chantal?”

His desk phone rang and he reached over to answer it.  It was his assistant, calling him under some silly pretext -- no question just dying to know what was going on in here.
“I will get back to you soon on that,” he said to whatever useless question she had asked him.

I was watching him closely while he spoke on the phone.  His lips.  His eyes.  The big hand cradling the handset…  He looked so familiar.
  “You don’t remember me, do you?”

I did remember him now.  George.  How did I not see it before?  George used to be one of my regulars.  A long time ago.  Years.  Back when he was about thirty pounds lighter and back when wore a wild mustache.  He changed a lot.

“You remember now, don’t you?”

I experienced an instant flash-back.  I closed my eyes and let my mind take me to the place I missed so much for so long.  I could briefly experience it all again...  The sexy red darkness of the place, the loud music, the glimmering stage...  How wonderfully familiar…  And then I suddenly remembered George -- or rather -- one of our many encounters.  Wearing nothing but a pair of high heels, I was sitting on his massive lap and playfully pulling on his mustache.  He used to love it when I played with his mustache.  Used to love it when I played with other things of his as well…

"You and I had some good times back in the day.  You, me and a bottle of red wine in one of those private booths at the back of the club...  We did a lot of crazy things.”

I did remember.  Paul had no idea… Paul thought that I was one of the clean girls.  Thought I would never let a customer touch me...  Thought I would never take a guy for a private dance inside one of those dirty sex booths.  Because that’s what I told him and he believed me.  But I lied.  I didn’t do it with all the guys… just a handful over the years that that I found myself having sexual feelings for...  Feelings of physical attraction so strong I could not resist or control.

George was the king of those guys.  I was attracted to George big time.  He was simply the manliest man I knew.  Big, strong and tough.  Didn’t put up with bullshit from anyone.  And physically -- half animal and half man.  Raw and untamed -- in a very sexy way.  I remembered the scent of his intoxicating cologne and how it used to drive me absolutely crazy.  I used to get so turned on while dancing for him... so horny.  He and I used to do things… naughty things.  All while I was dating Paul…

“You used to do this thing to me... open my pants and squirt peach-scented hand cream all over my cock.  You would then grip it tightly and stroke it up and down… stroke it so fucking good...  till it got real hard.  You liked it real hard."

I would lie if I said that I didn’t do these things.  I did.  I used to stroke George’s cock with shameless passion while whispering obscene things into his ear.  And once his cock got hard enough, I would throw a towel over his crotch and sit on him astride.  My legs would open up real wide bringing my clit out of hiding.  I would thrust myself against George’s big body while rubbing my horny clit against the towel covered hardness of his cock -- harder and faster until I reached my orgasm.  Orgasms with George were always so fucking good...  Like with nobody else.

“I could feel you cum every time.  I still remember how great that felt -- your body twitching with orgasmic convulsions, your eyes rolling back in your head, your mouth screaming dirty things in my ear.”

“Stop it please…”

“I would wait for you to finish and then ejaculate all over your towel like a teenage boy.  All this while Paul was waiting for you outside.”


No other man had this effect on me.  Ever.  I turned into this whole different person when I was with him.  This horny bitch deep inside of me took over all my thoughts and actions.  When I was with George, there was no guilt, no shame, no inhibition.  No past or future.  No Paul.  All there was -- was the primitive need to rub my pussy against his cock and to orgasm hard.  You dirty whore, he used to call me.

George made me feel things that I never felt before, evoked primal urges in me I didn’t know I had.  I used to think about him all the time, hoping each night that he’d show up at the club.  I couldn’t wait to see him… to feel my towel soak up every last drop of his cum.  Yes… all this while I was dating Paul…

“One day you just stopped coming by….” I said.

“I had to.  I couldn’t stand the thought of another guy fucking you while you and I had this… special relationship.  I had to wait until the time was right.

He shifted in his seat again.

“The last time I saw you…  I told you that you and I were made for each other and that one day we would be together again.  You were with Paul back then and didn’t see it my way…”

Wait a minute.  So me working here… not a coincidence?  Not the case of impressing Margaret, the Human Resources Manager, with my intelligent wit and freshly-acquired computer skills?  Let me think…  How did I hear about this job opportunity?  That's right… the manager of the strip club e-mailed me the job posting not long after I quit dancing.  I even called him after I got the job to say thank you.  Gabriel… a nice guy and a good friend of mine… also a good friend of George’s.  It all made sense now.

A calm feeling came over me.  I no longer wanted to scream or cry.  I didn’t even care if Paul did in fact fuck his ex-girlfriend’s tits this morning.  All I wanted at that moment was to sit down.  I walked over to the leather chair and deeply sunk into its soft cushion the exact same way I did the last time I was here.

I closed my eyes...  My wreck of a brain, desperate to escape the reality of the here and now took me down the memory line once again.  My mind transported me back to Erotica -- a dirty strip club that meant so much to me for so long.  I could hear the music... I could see the lights... I could taste the wine...  And I could remember George so clearly now… and all the naughty things we used to do.

Thinking about it now made me remember the horny state I was in.  I could feel the dirty whore emerging and slowly taking over my body.  I was so desperate to have an orgasm… didn’t have one in weeks and needed urgently to release some of the uncomfortable tension I felt all over.  I wanted George badly.

When I opened my eyes, George was standing right beside the leather chair.  Just an arm's reach away.  I could smell his intoxicating cologne… same cologne that used to drive me crazy horny all these years ago.  His crotch was right at my eye level now and I could see a major hard on in his pants.  This made smile.  I brought my hand over to his cock and griped it tightly through the fabric of his pants.  His breathing became heavier the instant I did that.  He whispered:

“Remember that one night over Christmas time a few years back?”

“Please stop…  I was so drunk that night…”

“You sucked my cock and let me come in your mouth.  Merry Christmas, you said to me right after, your mouth still full of my cum.”

“You were the only one…”

“Suck my cock again.”

He opened his zipper and let his pants fall down to the floor.  He pulled down his briefs and, as he did that, his large hard cock suddenly sprang free, almost slapping me in the face.  I looked at it with lust.  There was a drop slimy pre-cum lazily glazing over its eye and I wanted so badly to taste it.  My mouth couldn’t quite reach his cock the way I was sitting and I needed to readjust my body in the chair.  I shifted from a sitting position to a kneeling one -- my upper body stretching over the arm of the chair.

I stuck my tongue out and licked around the tip of George’s cock until all of the tasty pre-cum was completely gone.  It tasted divine.  A salty drop of pleasure that made me hungry for more.  I parted my lips and let George slide his cock deeply inside my mouth.

It was much larger than what I was used to because Paul’s penis was only average in size.  George’s cock filled the entire cavity of my mouth.  It poked at the very back of my mouth making me gag a little which I didn't mind at all.  Just the opposite.  Strangely, I just loved the sensation of gagging on George's insanely large penis.  I was emerged in this hypnotic state of erotic discomfort-slash-pleasure and I didn't want it to stop.

“I am going to fuck your mouth now and what I need from you is to tell me how you would like me to cum.”  He pulled his cock out of my mouth to let me answer but I didn’t know what to say.

“Do you want me to cum in your mouth?”  He asked.

I thought about it for a moment.

“No George.  I want a re-play of what Paul did to that slut that awful night…  I want you to cum on my face…”

George shoved his cock back into my mouth, fast and hard this time.

“Keep it nice and tight for me in there and hold on baby, because you have never had your mouth fucked the way I will fuck it now.”

He went at it full blast.  Thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth fast and rough... slamming it against the back of my throat, his enormous balls slapping my chin.  Hard... so hard my head shook from the impact.

He was going was faster and faster, picking up the speed to an almost unbearable pace toward the end, squealing while doing all that to my mouth.  I just knew that his secretary was standing right outside the door and listening to what was going on in here.  But I didn’t care.
“Here I cum…” George screamed.

He pulled out and pointed his cock directly at my face.  I wrapped my hand around its base and as soon as I squeezed it, creamy cum started shooting out of its eye.  So much of it...  It squirted all over my face and as soon as it landed on my skin, it begun a slow downward trip toward my chin and neck.
  The sensation of the warm ejaculate on my face felt so unbelievably erotic.  I closed my eyes to better take in this experience.

“Stand up,” he said to me.

He helped me out of the chair and gently pushed me forward till my body was facing the front of his desk.  He was pressing into me from behind and wrapping his big arms all around me.  Strength and power just emanated from this man, it was like getting a hug from the Iron Man.  Paul was not a very large man and I never felt a dainty little female when I was with him.  But it was a lot different with George, who outweighed me by at least a hundred pounds.  I found this drastic physical difference between us to be very, very arousing.  Not that I needed to be aroused any more than I already was.

“Lift your right leg and rest your foot on the edge of the desk,” he whispered in my ear.

I did what he said -- lifted my leg and raised it tall till my high-heeled shoe found the edge of George's desk.  I could feel my pussy lips come wide apart as I did that.  At the same time, my skirt moved down my spread out legs and bunched around my hips -- exposing to the world the fact that my underwear was completely soaked in pussy juice.

I said loud enough for his secretary to hear.

“I’m so fucking wet down there, George… And so horny… Make me cum.”

George reached over my shoulder and slid his right hand under the lacy fabric of my panties.

“That’s right,” he said.  “It’s your time to cum, Baby.”

He started to rub around my clit in a circular motion.  I closed my eyes and concentrated on the warm sensation of George’s cum slimily dripping down my face.  The feel of it made the experience of my pre-orgasm so divinely intense.

I could feel some of his juicy ejaculate right above my lip.  I snaked my tongue out of the corner of my mouth and licked it off.  The sweet and salty taste of it on my tongue pushed me over the edge and set off my climax.  I threw my head back, hitting George’s chest with a force that made some of the strands of my hair fall on my cum-glazed face.  The hair just stuck to the creamy substance covering my face.  “Ohh-my-Gooood…”  I knew this would be a big one.  One that would fix it all.  All the frustration, all the horniness, all the pain...  It felt like the good old days.  Me and George… pleasuring each other once again.

The intense wave of my orgasmic pleasure made me weak and dizzy.  I almost fell in faint, but George held me tight till I got my strength back.

“George…” I could only say.

Gorge smiled at me and reached over to grab some tissues from the top of his desk.

“Turn around,” he said.

I turned to face him and let him tenderly wipe his ejaculate off my face.

I’m fuzzy about what happened next.  I’m not really sure how I got home but here I am.  In my bed, on my third glass of wine.  Just made my dirty confession but don’t feel any less confused about what happened just this morning or more optimistic about what will follow in the days to come.  Paul hasn’t called all day but I don’t really care.  Because all I can think about right now is George -- and how much I want to taste his cum on my tongue again.


WINE AND SEX          *          NAUGHTY STORIES          *           THE BUTTERY HAND JOB

I was never into guys my own age -- they all seemed like little boys to me -- and I ended up marrying a man quite older than myself.  Twenty-two year age difference didn’t seem like a big deal at the time.  I actually loved the fact that my older husband was mature and established and had a successful career.  Life was perfect for the first few years of our marriage.

Sex was never an issue during those first blissful years.  Joe was not much of a lover -- often too tired or too “limp” to screw me but -- my own sex drive was pretty low back then too, so I didn’t mind.  It actually seemed like we were the perfect couple: Mr. Limpy and Mrs. Frigid.  It’s like were made for each other.

But things started to change right around the time I turned thirty.  Not sure what triggered it, but all of a sudden, I started to notice myself experience sexual feelings, thoughts and desires I never had before.  To my surprise, I was developing a sex drive!  And not just any ordinary sex drive either.  The timid, sexually reserved young lady that I used to be was slowly turning into this horny, sex craved, men obsessed whore.  It's like I had this alternate ego -- this Inner Erotic Goddess -- that was suddenly waking up inside of me and begging me to let her come out and play.

“Play” is the wrong word here.  My Inner Erotic Goddess wanted to fuck, fuck and fuck.

It didn’t just happen overnight.  It was a slow and a gradual process, but before I knew what hit me, sex was all I could think about.  Mental images of sexual acts were taking over my dreams and my conscious thought.  I fantasized about sex all the time.  Rough, soft, kinky, oral, anal, manual, group -- just name it -- I wanted to do it all.  But with Joe going in the exact opposite direction (becoming less and less interested in sex as he aged), I knew that we would soon reach the point of disconnect.

This is how bad I had it -- I made a mental list of all the naughty things that I wanted to do in order of how horny they made me feel.  The first thing on my "naughty list" was a sensual hand job.  I visualized closing my hand around an erected penis and massaging it up and down... and up and down... again and again... until I made it explode with squirts of creamy ecstasy.  Haven’t made a guy come in this way since college.

I followed Joe to bed one night.  I got completely naked and laid in bed right next to him.  I reached down between his legs and gently squeezed his balls.  “I want to jerk you off and watch you come all over,” I whispered into his ear.

He tried.  He really did try his best to please me, but things didn’t quite play out like in my erotic fantasy.  I kept sliding my fisted hand up and down the length of his cock, but simply couldn’t get him to cum.  We eventually gave up on the idea.  Joe climbed on top of me, stuck his half-hard cock inside my pussy, and finished himself off by fucking me the missionary style.  Missionary was his favorite.

But I couldn’t blame him.  He wasn’t the experimental type and I knew it when I married him.  That actually was one of the perks since I wasn’t into sex that much back then either.  But things were different now.  I couldn’t settle for the missionary style once every couple of weeks any longer.  It would simply be wrong to waste all that new-born sexual energy, to let my body waste away when it could give and receive pleasure in so many intriguing ways.  And my body… it was like a sexy fuck machine -- every man’s dream.  I had enormous breasts and a tight pussy... pussy that was ready for action twenty-four-seven.  It’s like I was made to fuck and to be fucked.

After ejaculating intensely into my pussy, Joe rolled off of me, turned to face the wall and fell asleep almost instantly.  But I was so upset, so sexually frustrated, that sleep was the farthest thing on my mind.  I just wanted to cry.  I wiped off the blob of Joe’s cum lazily dripping down my leg, put on some clothes, and decided to go downstairs.  I poured myself a glass of red wine and just sat there on the couch in the complete dark.  I wasn’t proud of it, but there was something not-so-nice on my mind lately.  Again -- not proud of it -- but I quietly wondered if I should I cheat on Joe.

Yes, I should cheat on him...  No, I should not...  I was torn inside.

But not even fifteen minutes into the moral struggle brewing inside my head, the Erotic Goddess got tipsy on the wine, took over the entire thought process and solved the dilemma for me.  Made the decision, answered the question.  Yes, I would cheat on Joe.  I would fulfill my sexual needs and live out my erotic fantasies with other men if I couldn’t do it with my husband.  The slut that she was, the Goddess insisted that I pursue that un-finished hand job as soon as humanly possible.  She also hinted that Carlo would make a great candidate for the co-star of my first extramarital adventure.

Carlo? Really?

Carlo was the horniest guy at my work.  He was your stereotypical office pig -- shamelessly flirting with all the ladies at the office, “accidentally” rubbing against them in the coat room, telling the dirtiest jokes imaginable.  But at the same time, very clumsy while attempting all that, which (instead of offend) made the women at the office laugh and make fun of poor Carlo.

Carlo liked all the women in the office, but had a special infatuation with me -- meaning -- he wanted to fuck me more than he wanted to fuck the others.  Flattering, I suppose.  He was trying to score a date with me almost since the very first day we met.  “Let’s go for a drive in my car, park it somewhere quiet and… talk,” he would whisper quietly when nobody was around.  The guy had no shame.

The fact that both of us were married was probably more of a turn on to him than the actual perspective of sex, I always thought.  The sneaking around aspect of it I guess, doing something bad, having a naughty secret.  “Maybe one day,” I would say to him just for the heck of it, but never, ever, have I taken any of Carlo's indecent proposals seriously.  That is… until now.  Thanks to my horny alternate ego, Carlo was about to become the luckiest guy under the sun.

It was just a matter of the right opportunity now but it presented itself sooner than I thought.  The boss invited the entire department out for dinner to celebrate the successful end of our fiscal year.  Dinner was to take place the following Friday.  An office event -- the perfect opportunity for two married people to meet for an hour or so without raising a suspicion.  You leave the event early but tell the spouse it ended late.  I sent Carlo a quick e-mail: still interested in going for that drive?  Just like I thought, he was...

Carlo came up with a detailed plan of our secret meeting almost instantly.  This obviously wasn't his first time cheating on the wife.  He suggested that about forty five minutes into dinner, he would pretend to receive a phone call from home and leave the restaurant on a “family situation”.  Since dinner was a casual buffet this wouldn't be a big deal.  Carlo would drive his car to a parking lot of a nearby shopping mall and wait for me there.  About a half hour later, I would make the old “headache” excuse, leave the restaurant too, and drive over to meet Carlo.

I must admit, I had mixed feeling about the “naughty secret” in the days leading up to it.  Cheating on Joe?  With Carlo?  In his rusty car?  I felt disgusted with myself on a couple of occasions and almost called the whole thing off.  However, doubts only came to me during the bright hours of the day.  But when the nighttime came, things would start feeling completely different.  Lying naked in bed... all warm and relaxed… I would touch myself between the legs and feel my body tingle with sexual desire all over.  And during those alone-moments in the darkness, I just knew that the Erotic Goddess would not let me back out of this deal no matter what.

Friday was here at last.  Anxious with anticipation, I woke up earlier than usual.  I stood in front of my closet.  What to wear, what to wear… The strategist in me decided on a black bra with a front clasp and a sweater that easily opened with a zipper in the front.  I needed quick access to my best assets (my big tits) and use them to my advantage in my little game called Make Carlo Loose His Mind.  Or was it called: Make Carlo Come All Over His Rusty Car?   Sounded good either way.

I really liked the ambiance of the restaurant the boss took us to.  It was dark and cozy, which was a great way to set the proper mood for my first extramarital adventure.  But I was having doubts again and felt nervous.  Where was the Erotic Goddess when I needed her most?  I definitely I needed some alcohol in my system.  Good old alcohol, always there for me in my time of need.  I ordered a glass of Australian Shiraz and sipped on it real fast -- desperate to loosen up in time to enjoy my special adventure.  It worked like magic.  About half way into my glass of wine, I felt a nice and relaxed feeling come over me. I was in tune with my body now, feeling all my sex parts swell up and tingle with anticipation.  I was ready for the hand job of my life.

Carlo was trying hard to play it cool.  He was casually chit-chatting with this person and that -- but not doing a very good job at the “not raising a suspicion” aspect of our plan.  I could feel his horny eyes on me almost the entire time.  It was like watching a hungry dog salivate at the sight of a tasty bone.  The Sober Me would probably have signaled to him to be more discreet, but tipsy on wine, I didn’t mind his eager eyes on me at all.  I actually enjoyed the effect that I had on poor, cum-filled Carlo and decided to have some fun with the guy.

Faking interest in a story told by a co-worker sitting across the table from me -- and right next to Carlo -- I deliberately leaned towards the middle as much as I could.  As I moved my body forward, my large breasts pushed up against my folded arms, exposing a good part of them out of my sweater (oops… did it unzip a little without me realizing?).  Carlo was stirring in his seat uncomfortably, mentally fucking my tits with his cock, coming all over them.  And even though I couldn’t actually see it, I just knew there was a little hard-on in his pants for me already.

Carlo received “the call” from home sooner than was planned.  He was anxious -- my little wine inspired tease worked like magic.  Good job, I told myself.  I was actually getting little eager myself.  I just couldn’t stop wondering what Carlo's penis looked like, hoping for a large, rod-like cock -- just like the one in my sexual fantasy.

I patiently waited out the pre-agreed half an hour and made my move.  I quickly finished what was left of my wine and told everyone about the “really bad headache”.  Just before I got up to leave, I discreetly reached into the bread basket (placed in the middle of the table by our waiter at the start of dinner) and fished out two tittle packets of butter out of it.  I put the pockets of butter in my purse and left.

Less than fifteen minutes later, I was getting into the passenger’s seat of Carlo’s car.  A warm blob of thick pussy juice -- that suddenly formed between my legs -- was making my pubic hair stick to my underwear in a way that made me extremely horny.  “Let’s go find a private place...” I wanted to say to Carlo but  he was driving away already.  He must've known the surroundings well because just a short while later, he was parking his car in a secluded area of an industrial complex.

It was getting late and I didn’t want for my first sexual fantasy to play out in the dark.
“Park over there.  By that building with the light.”
“Because I’m going to get very naughty with your cock and I want you to watch me do it...  see every dirty thing that I will do to you."

Carlo parked by the building with the light like I asked.  He pushed his seat away from the steering wheel and reclined it.
“Girl, my cock is ready for you.”

He wasn't lying.  I could see a big bulge pressing hard against the fabric of his pants.  But “big” wasn’t good enough for me.  What I wanted was the largest, hardest, stiffest cock experience of my life.  This needed more work.  I unzipped my sweater, opened my bra, and let my tits bounce out of my clothes.

“Holy fuck….” Carlo hissed under his breath.  “Your tits are fucking unbelievable.  I need to suck your nipples... now...  I need to suck them right now...”

I let Carlo suck on my nipples while I ran my hand up and down his bulged crotch.  I could feel his erection growing bigger and harder.  When I decided he was ready for the big moment, I pulled my breasts away from his mouth and unzipped his pants.  I struggled with the thick denim of his jeans, but finally managed to pull them below his butt cheeks.  His erection sprung free with a sudden: “here I am!”

And there it was… Carlo's cock…  Just the way I pictured it.  No.  It was better.  Large, hard and so wonderfully tan-colored.  I couldn’t help but think of Joe’s small and pale penis and snickered at the unimpressive mental image.

The hand job of my dreams was just about to unfold and I couldn't be more excited.  I started off by softly massaging Carlo’s balls.  “Oh… oh…” he quietly moaned under his breath.  When I was finished with his balls, I wrapped my hand around the base of his penis and ran it up and down its entire length.  Just a couple of times to tease and then -- I paused.

Pure bewilderment in his eyes, Carlo intently watched the hot erotic scene slowly unfolding down below his belt line.  A pleasant surprise in his eyes -- as if none has ever done anything like this to him before.  “Don't stop,” he begged, “please don't stop...”

I reached into my purse and retrieved the packets of now half-melted butter.  Big question mark on Carlo’s face.
“What the heck is that?”
“Shhh… just trust me.”

I opened the first packet of butter and smeared its contents all over Carlo’s testicles.  I gently scooped his balls in my hand -- as if they were a pair of fragile eggs -- and started sliding my lubed hand over and under his balls, tracing sensual circles with it.  Round and round, again and again.  Faster, tighter, harder.  I watched Carlo’s erection get bigger and harder.   “Oh yeah…” he moaned.

I opened the second packet of butter and squeezed its slippery contents into the palm of my hand.  I made a fist and wrapped it tightly around Carlo’s cock.  I started sliding the greasy fist up and down the entire length of his penis, in slow but rhythmic intervals, the butter making the job so easy and so wonderfully sensual.

Number one on my sexual fantasy list -- a sensual hand job -- was unfolding right in front of my very eyes.  I was getting turned on more and more, my pubic hair completely soaked in pussy juices now, my clit on fire.  I was sliding my fisted hand up and down Carlo’s cock faster now, my exposed breasts jiggling and bouncing violently with each move I made.

I covered each and every inch of Carlo’s cock, starting rough and tight at the very base of it, and finishing soft and gentle at the tip.  I went up and down, up and down.  Faster and faster...  Carlo was in absolute ecstasy, his breathing heavy and loud now.  He was getting closer to his big release with each move of my hand.  Tighter and tighter...  His gaze was shifting back and forth -- from my bouncy tits to his buttery cock and again to my tits.  “Oh fuck… oh shit … oh fuck…”

“Do you like the special way I massage your cock?”
“Are you getting close?”
“Almost there…”
“I want you to come all over my tits…”

This very last thing I said pushed Carlo over the edge.  Every muscle of his body tensed and stiffened, and his hips started an erotic up-and-down dance to meet the rhythm of my hand.  I squeezed just a little bit tighter, went just a little bit faster and there it was.

“Holy… fuck…” Carlo screamed.

He was coming.  I brought my breasts near the tip of his cock as whitish cream started squirting out of its eye.  Huge amounts of it -- I've never seen anything like it before.  It went all over my breasts including my now very hard nipples.   Some of it landed on my cheek and felt so wonderfully warm against the skin of my face…  I kept massaging Carlo’s cock till the very last drop of the thick cream squirted out of it.

He was done.  His breathing was back to normal now, and he was slowly regaining his composure.  But I wasn't finished yet and needed some TLC urgently!  I grabbed Carlo's hand and guided it under my skirt and inside my panties.  “Rub my clit,” I said with unintended impatience in my voice.  I was turned on to the point of near-insanity and it would only take me a couple of short minutes to achieve an orgasm.

“Holy shit, you're so fucking wet down there.”
“Just rub it!”  I ordered, and he did as I said.
"You are such a dirty girl...”
"I'm a whore and loving it..."

All I needed was to have one last look at my cum-glazed tits, one last glance at Carlos's still hard and butter-covered cock and I was there…

“Yes… yes… yes!”  I screamed loudly as intense orgasmic convulsions took over my entire body.  I took a tight hold of Carlo’s hand to make sure that he wouldn’t move it away too soon.  Holy crap… This, by far, was the most powerful orgasm that I have ever felt.  Sad, considering I was married for over five years.  I quietly wondered why Joe could never bring this much pleasure to my pussy.

I was sweaty and out of breath but needed to act fast.  I didn't want for Joe to get suspicious.  I found some Kleenex in my purse and wiped off Carlo’s cum off my tits and face.  I got more Kleenex and cleaned up the wet puddle of pussy juice in between my legs.  I threw the dirty tissues out the car window.

“I had no idea you had a wild side, girl.  You always seem so reserved…even prudish,” Carlo said, big smile on his face. “Can we do this again sometime?”
“We’ll see.”

I fished out my cell phone out of my purse and dialed Joe.
“Hey Baby, we’re almost done in here.  I should be home in about twenty minutes."
I signaled to Carlo to start driving away.  Our special meeting was over.

I was very proud of myself for having completed number one on my "naughty list".  This was, by far, the most erotic thing that I have ever done in my life… so far.  But perhaps this was a one-time-thing?  Perhaps the Goddess got her fill tonight and wouldn’t feel the need to pursue the remaining items on the naughty list?

But never satisfied, the Goddess was already planning my next naughty adventure.  I will tell you all about it soon.


WINE AND SEX          *          NAUGHTY STORIES          *           DIRTY LAUNDRY

The phone rang loudly.  I glanced at caller ID before picking up, it was Mike.
"What's up babe?" I asked.  Mike rarely called me from work.

But he didn’t answer.  I could hear him breathing heavily on the other side of the phone, but other than that he was completely silent.  “Is everything okay?” I asked a little concerned.

Few long seconds passed before he finally said: "I'll be home in an hour to fuck you."
He clicked off and was gone.

Did I hear that right?  Took me a couple seconds to process this very unusual three-sentence conversation.  Did he just say he was coming home for a quickie?

Presumptuous on his part, I thought.  Did he expect me to just drop everything and wait there for him naked by the door?  I didn’t think so.  I was in the middle of laundry and sex was the farthest thing on my mind.  I decided to call him back and tell him not bother coming home.

But as I started walking towards the phone, his words suddenly replayed in my mind.  “I’ll be home in an hour to fuck you..." the sound of his masculine voice making the words "fuck you" turn something on deep inside of me this time around.  My body twitched with a sudden surge of sexual desire.  Blood rushed to my face and my nipples turned hard in an instant.  I became very aware of my clit and how it rubbed against the crotch of my jeans as I moved my legs to walk.  I was starting to feel horny and naughty...

I never made it to the phone.  Instead, I slid my hand inside my jeans and under my panties.  I was surprised to find that my pussy was already wet.  I stuck my middle finger inside of it and started sliding it up and down my pussy shaft, slow at first, but then gradually picking up the speed.  I felt a strong urge to orgasm and let out a quiet moan.  It would only take me a couple of minutes to do the job myself, but no -- I would wait for Mike.  I retracted the finger.

Needless to say, I couldn't concentrate on laundry any more.  I shut the laundry room door not to look at the dirty sheets and towels piled up on the floor.  I felt the need to have some red wine (strange since it wasn't even lunch time yet) and poured myself a glass of Chilean Merlot.  Its usual color of deep ruby-red looked oddly light in the bright sunshine of the day.

I just loved wine.  Wine brought a lot of excitement into my life.  Wine made me giggle like a teenage girl for no good reason at all.  Wine made my food taste better, my clothes fit nicer and my friends seem funnier.  But most important of all, wine made me screw hard and it made me screw dirty.  Mike really liked the dirty whore that wine brought out of me and encouraged my passion for the beverage enthusiastically.

I took the glass of wine with me upstairs and decided that a hot bubble bath would make for a great pre-sex activity.  I poured some lavender-scented bubble bath in the tub and turned the water on.  I sat on the tub’s ledge and watched the bubbles getting bigger and fluffier while sipping on the Merlot.

I suddenly thought of a stash of pornographic magazines that Mike was "hiding" from me in his office.  I knew about them all along.  He kept them in the bottom drawer of his desk under a pile of old racing forms.  I often brought them out of hiding for my own pleasure and used them as an aid while masturbating.

Nothing went better together than wine and porn so I decided to take a little trip down the hall.  I was back in just a couple of minutes.  In my hand was a glossy magazine, its cover featuring some bimbo’s huge tits.

Not that I had anything against tits.  Woman’s breasts actually really turned me on and I often pictured big bouncy ones during sex.  Made my orgasms better.  And this pair was particularly attractive.  Round and perky, with large pink circles for nipples.

I took my clothes off and slowly got in the hot bubbly water.  Had a big gulp of wine and swallowed it slowly.  I felt tipsy almost instantly.

I reached for the dirty magazine and randomly opened to a page depicting a young muscular man standing against a red-toned background.  Curly blonde, down on her knees, was in a process of giving the man a blow job -- his penis deep inside of her mouth.  The man was pressing at the back of the woman's head -- her hair messily tangled in between his fingers -- as if to stuff his penis even deeper inside of her.  The expression on his face was that of a near-orgasm which really turned me on.  My dirty mind led me to imagine that he was just about to ejaculate inside the woman's mouth.  I was very aroused by now if Mike wasn’t here soon, I would have to masturbate to release the enormous tension that built up around my pelvic area and my clit.

But I finally heard the front door open.  "I'm up here!" I yelled as loud as I could.

He found me in a flash.  Didn’t question the bubbles... didn't ask about the wine... didn't seem surprised to see me holding one of his dirty magazines...

Actually -- he didn’t even say hi.

His pants were off before I could blink -- but he didn’t bother with the shirt and left it on.  His cock was hard and large... and so close... just on the other side of the tub's ledge and inches from my cum-thirsty mouth.  Inspired by the sexy picture in the magazine, I wanted so badly to take his penis into my mouth and suck it hard till warm sticky cream filled the entire cavity of my mouth.  But he had other plans.

“I want you to sit in my chair,” he meant the leather chair in his office.
“But I’m completely wet,” I said.

He either didn’t hear me or didn’t care.  He gently pulled me out of the tub by my arm and guided me in the direction of his office.  My soaking wet body left a trail of soapy mess on the floor as I was being pulled by my hand across the hall.

He pushed me down into his office chair, quite roughly, his face dead serious.  The leather material of the chair felt extremely weird against my wet skin.  Sticky and immobilizing.  Glued to the chair, I had a difficult time moving my body but found the "trapped" sensation to be a real turn on.  Mike knelt down in front of me.

“Come closer to me and spread your legs.  Spread them real wide," he said.

With his help, I was able to un-peel myself from the chair for long enough to maneuver my body in the downward direction till my butt cheeks reached its very edge.  Mike grabbed me by my thighs and used the hold to spread my legs as far as they would go.

My pussy lips came wide apart exposing my juicy clit.  He dug in, eating my pussy with unnecessary urgency... as if he was in some kind of a rush.  “Slow down baby, let me enjoy it awhile," I told him and he did.

I was in heaven.  Pre-sex bubbles combined with the intoxicating effects of the Merlot have reduced my sexual inhibitions to nil.  I was screaming out dirty words of erotic pleasure in a way that was way too loud for the open windows.  But I had no shame left in me at this point at all.  Actually... the idea that Mr. Andrews next door was likely hearing my pre-orgasmic scrams only added to the intensity of this sexual experience.  The big moment was almost here.

I grabbed Mike by his hair in a need to be able to guide his movements.  He was licking up and down my pussy which felt great, but I needed him to concentrate on my clit right now.  “Tightly around my clit now baby... stay on it now... yes... right there,” I was yelling as loud as I could, hoping that Mrs. Andrews was listening to me and masturbating.

I finally felt it.

“Yes... yes... yes...”  I could only say as spasms of orgasmic pleasure travelled up and down my entire body.  I felt it all over... my clit, my anus, my nipples...  It was pure sexual ecstasy and one of the best orgasms I had in a very long time -- so powerful I felt drenched and limp as soon as it was over.

But Mike wasn’t finished yet.  Close though.  His eyes had that “out-of-this-world” gaze and his breathing was loud and fast.  He pulled me a bit closer, stuck his enormous cock in my juicy pussy and started pumping into me like there was no tomorrow.  Fucking me hard while taking in the visual of my wet tits violently bouncing from the impact of his powerful thrusts.  He was clearly on a mission to empty his cum-filled balls as soon as was humanly possible -- and I knew he was almost there.

And then there it was.

“I’m coming babe... coming right now... pulling out... spraying my cream all over your pussy...”

Mike pulled out just in time.  He was ejaculating with a massive force, whitish cum spewing intensely onto my pussy.  With quite a fascination, I watched his sperm make a sticky mess all over my crotch.  I brought my hand to it and rubbed the creamy substance into my pubic hair.

Took him a good minute to come out of it but he was in control again, his eyes clearer and his breathing slower. 
"That was fucking good,” was the only thing he said.

Less than five minutes later he was dressed, out the door and gone.  Back to work, I assumed.

“Fucking good” was the understatement of the century, I thought.  I slowly peeled myslef off the leather backing of the chair and stood up.  My legs were shaky as I was making my way back towards the bath tub.  I still had some wine left in my wine glass and the bubbles were more inviting than ever -- I was going to finish my bubble bath.

Laundry wouldn't get done today but screw it, tomorrow was another day.


WINE AND SEX          *          NAUGHTY STORIES          *           DIARY OF STRIPPER


My very first day as a stripper… happened over a decade ago but I remember it well.

Decision to try out the carrier path of an exotic dancer came to me easy, but on that very first day... the day I was actually going to do it... the day I would strip for money for the very first time...  On that first day -- I wasn’t sure any more.  Was I doing the right thing?  Did I have what it took?  Would stripping change me?

I didn't get much the night before.  I tossed and turned in bed imagining the worst.

The main reason behind my decision was -- no surprise -- money.  The prospect of “easy cash” was just too tempting to resist, especially at a time when I really needed it.  But money wasn’t the only reason.  There was also the intriguing prospect of adventure and glamor that I imagined came with this job.  Performing on stage like a star... wearing sequins and lace... drinking expensive wines...

There was also the long conversation with Yolanda.  Yolanda told me that everything was going to be all right and I believed her.

Yolanda was a close friend and an established dancer already who knew the stripping world inside out.  I was lucky to have an inside link into this business and a mentor -- someone to guide me through the first days and weeks of my unconventional new carrier.

Yolanda was the most beautiful woman I ever met.

Her flawless facial features screamed "foxy coquette" and her gorgeous body was the perfect balance of the feminine curve and the athletic finesse.  But there was more to it than just her looks.  There was something extremely enticing about Yolanda that went far beyond her physical beauty.  It is hard to pin point what that “something” exactly was.  Could have been the sexy way she swayed her hips when she walked... or maybe the seductive way she pouted her lips.   Not sure.

Whatever it was though, made Yolanda simply irresistible to the opposite sex and gave her the mystical power to seduce any man that walked the face of the Earth.  Any man at all...  Young, old, rich, poor, single, married, a priest... she could have them all if she only wanted.  Yolanda had the uncanny skill to shamelessly charm her helpless victims into the point near-obsession.  She was the natural femme fatal.

On that very first day, I showed up at her place around six.  The plan was to relax for a bit before taking the Big Trip.  “Don’t worry, Hun,” she said to me on the phone after I told her about my sleepless night.  “We'll have a couple of glasses of wine and make sure you feel good and ready before we go.”

Our destination that night was a popular downtown strip club with a sensual name of Erotica.  Modern and upscale, the place attracted, and geared toward, the wealthier clientele.  Best way to describe Erotica's typical customer -- very rich and very horny.  And expecting a lot more than a lap dance out of his visit at the club.

With that in mind, Erotica hired dancers that fit a certain profile.  Young, thin and pretty were the obvious attributes, but there were other criteria as well.  Employing girls who were open minded, friendly and loose, helped the management's vision to transform a boring old strip club into a land of sexual fantasy where naughty desires came true.  Others just called it...  the neighbourhood bordello.

Erotica had two areas designated for lap dancing activity.  There was the loft-like VIP area located on the upper level of the establishment that was led to by a circular, beautifully lit-up staircase.  A railed half-wall merged this upstairs space with the rest of the club, giving it a balcony feel.  Leaning against this half-wall, horny rich men used to sip on their overpriced Martinis while looking over the rail and down at the stage, where Erotica's pretty girls sensually moved their naked bodies to music.

The upper-level VIP area was simply gorgeous.  One of the corners of the space nested a contemporary bar that featured high gloss counters and sleek, modern-looking bar stools.  Pink lighting accents soaked this space in the sea of pinkish shimmer (not to get too poetic).  Located near the railed half-wall was a lounging area furnished with expensive leather chairs and couches.  Everybody’s absolute favorite was the spectacular crystal chandelier.  Gracefully falling from the ceiling, the chandelier filled the room with a romantic sparkle.  The ambiance was just unbelievable.

With lounging and socializing concentrated towards the front of the rail, the actual lap dancing activity took place at the very back of the VIP -- away from the rail and against the back wall -- where a row of leather chairs (separated by sheets of shimmering curtains) created about a dozen of semi-private lap dancing booths.

The back-of-the-wall experience combined with dimmer lighting and a calmer tone, gave this space a cosy-and-secluded type of a feel.  The sort of dancing that went on against the back wall of the VIP was... only somewhat dirty.  It certainly was not the type of activity my mother would approve of… but as long as I stuck to certain personal rules, and as long as I didn’t cross certain personal lines, I was willing to give it a try.

Where I didn’t want to be was the Champagne Lounge.

Located on the main floor and towards the back of the club, the so-called Champagne Lounge provided refuge from crowd and noise.  It nested a number of fully enclosed private rooms reserved for a more intimate style of dancer-client encounter.  The steep entry fee into the Champagne Lounge guaranteed no interruption of any kind and -- more importantly -- ensured a quality service.  With dancing at the bottom of the list of services provided, a Champagne Lounge customer was sure to be entertained in a variety of other creative ways.  Very intimate ways…  Hand jobs, blow jobs, naughty erotic girl duets and more… anything went.  Satisfaction was guaranteed.

This was not a place for me, I thought back then.  I would never, ever, set my foot in the Champagne Lounge.  I would not perform dirty sexual acts for money.  I would not become a prostitute.  And that's what I thought... back then.

On that very first day, I had Yolanda to help me through my fears and my anxiety.  “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” she told me.

I was in her living room, comfortably seated in one of her very cool designer chairs.  Her place was so tastefully decorated and so cosy…  I was starting to absorb the pleasant ambiance and beginning to feel myself relax.  Yolanda smiled at me warmly, poured two glasses of wine and handed one of them to me.  “I discovered this wine just last week,” she said.  “I think it’s my new favorite.”

Yolanda was very passionate about wine.  The sole mission of her life -- she used to joke -- was to drink and sample as many different wines as was humanly possible.  Yolanda was infatuated wine -- is the best way to describe it.  She loved its taste, smell, color... what it did to her state of mind.  She tried to explain it to me a number of times but I'm not sure if I truly understood. 

She liked to drink her wine too.  A lot of it in fact...  Her dream was to one day open a little winery of her own.  “Somewhere in the beautiful mountains of Italy,” she used to say in a dreamy voice.  This was the reason she became a stripper and this was why she worked crazy hours at the club -- she used to say to me.  It was all to make her dream come true.

"I will throw erotic wine and sex parties at my winery," she used tell me laughing after having too much wine. "And you're invited to all of them!"

I didn’t know it that day, but I just was about to join Yolanda in a crazy wine and sex adventure that would completely change my life.  An adventure that took the two of us unusual places and brought interesting people into our lives...  An adventure that eventually lead us to a picturesque little village in Italy.  Funny how it all started with the glass of Yolanda's brand new favorite wine on the day I officially became a stripper.

She was sitting across from me, sipping her wine slowly, savoring it.  “Wine truly is the nectar of gods,” she said.  I tasted the wine and really liked it too.  “Wine and women have this very unique relationship,” she continued.  “There is this mystical quality about wine that has the power magnify our feminine charms and to amplify our sex appeal...  And to turn us into dirty whores in bed of course...”

She let out a witch-like giggle and continued.
“You become a different… a more sensual woman while under the spell of wine.  Wine is why I manage all right as a dancer.”
Manage all right as a dancer was the understatement of the century.  I was well aware of Yolanda’s reputation as one of the most sought after exotic dancers in the area.

“To make top dollars at this job, you need to do more than simply dirty dance for a horny guy trying to hide a half-erection in his pants.  What you need is to take charge and create an experience... an erotic one.  Take your horny customer on a sexual adventure...  Transport him to another reality, let him escape the here and now.  Even if only for a while… let him fantasize... let him imagine... become his dream woman.  All while slowly transforming that half-erection in into a full-blown raging hard-on.  And that’s how you make the big bucks.”

"I'm not sure if I posses the necessary talent," I was suddenly uncertain about my feminine powers.

“Not to worry, Baby," Yolanda smiled at me in a seductive way.  "This is why the Goddess of Sex Appeal gave us dancers wine."  She dipped her index finger in her red wine -- which I thought was kind of strange -- and then licked all around the finger with her tongue.  I something twitched inside of me when I watched her do that.

“Here is how you do it... Looking hot and feeling great, you strike a conversation with one of the Money Prospects sitting at Erotica's fabulous bar and order a glass of Australian Shiraz.  So it begins...  The first glass warms your heart and relaxes your body.  You start to giggle and flirt and suddenly realize that while you weren't paying any attention -- your nipples have unexpectedly turned pointy and hard.  You begin to feel warm moisture form down below in your underwear and naughty thoughts suddenly take over your entire thought process.

Second glass -- your charming giggle and your naughty sexual vibe begin to magically hook and hypnotize.  Hungry for more than just a conversation, the horny Money Prospect takes you up that beautifully lid-up staircase and right to back of the VIP room, where the erotic adventure begins."

“Oh wow... nicely said” I said, impressed with Yolanda's poetic interpretation of what many would call dirty and sleazy.
“And what happens after the third glass?”
There was a hint of smile on her lips when she said, “That depends.”
I didn’t ask.

She stood up.  “Speaking of wine…  Let me refill our glasses.”

Wine was slowly working its wonderful magic on me and the stubborn knot that I have felt in my stomach for most of the day, was slowly loosening its grip.

“Here you go, Hun,” Yolanda handed me a fresh glass of wine.
“Have you picked a stage name yet?” she asked me.

I did.  Searching my brain for the perfect stage name was one of the countless things that kept me up last night.

“Ashley,” I told her.

We sat in a complete silence for a very long while.  Just sipped on our wine and smiled at each other for no particular reason.
You know what I'd like?”  She suddenly said interrupting our comfortable quiet time.
"No clue, what?"
“I would like to meet Ashley.  In person and right now!”

I didn't understand what she meant at first.
“What do you mean… meet Ashley?”
She winked at me.  "I would love to see you all dressed for work" she said.

"Yeah now.  Why don't you change into your club outfit, put make up on and all and let me see you all ready to walk Erotica's floor.  I'm just curious...”

“Sure," I said.  "Wouldn't hurt getting looked over by a professional adult entertainer any way."
“All right then, why don’t you go into my bedroom and take your time.  Come out when you’re ready.

Everything that I needed for tonight's big adventure was inside a small duffel bag that I prepared this morning.  Couple of different outfits, make up, shoes, a towel…  I went to retrieve the bag from my car where I had left it.  A few minutes later, I was standing next to Yolanda's enormous bed and in front of a full length mirror just next to it, slowly taking my clothes off.  Perhaps inspired by large amounts of Yolanda's latest liquid favorite, I really liked what I saw reflecting back at me in the mirror.  Maybe I wasn't as breathtaking as Yolanda, but I wasn't bad at all.  I had nice legs, firm butt and big boobs with perky points for nipples that I have known to evoke instant erections.  I had a pretty face and wavy, shoulder-length blonde hair.  I was going to do all right as a stripper.

I reached into my bag and fished out the outfit that I have (very thoughtfully) selected for tonight.  It was my secret weapon -- a sexy black dress that simply drove men insane.  I wore it to a night club just a couple weeks back and had two hunks fight over which one of them would pay for my drink.  I put the dress on.  Found my high heels and put them on too.  I applied bright red lipstick and fluffed my hair.  I had one last glance in the mirror -- I looked pretty hot.

“Here comes Ashley!”  I announced though the bedroom door and attempted a seductive walk towards the middle of the living room, where Yolanda was sitting, waiting for me.  Not used to wearing four inch heels, I struggled with my balance and -- if anything -- looked clumsy and comedic.  Eventually I managed to cross the room without tripping or falling.  I stood in front of Yolanda, hands seductively on my hips, and waited for her reaction.

She took her time examining me, then nodded her head in approval.
“You look amazing, " she said.  "You really do."
She smiled at me.
“But now you need to learn how to use that sexy body of yours.  Looking good simply isn't enough.”
“I thought that wine was supposed take care of the rest,” I said joking.
She laughed.  “Wine won’t do it all, Baby.”

She pointed her finger toward one of the empty chairs.
“Sit down and let me give you a little demonstration.”

I sat in the chair and waited in anticipation, not really sure what I was waiting for.  Yolanda took another long sip of her wine, slowly raised from her chair and then gracefully walked towards me.  I need to learn to walk like that, I remember thinking to myself.

I didn't expect her next move -- and was taken aback when all of a sudden Yolanda begun to sensually move her body to the soft sounds of music quietly playing in the background.  Right in front of me and so close...  She was so gorgeous...  Didn't matter that she was fully dressed -- she was always full of sex appeal, clothes on or off.  And her body moved in this spiral, fluid sort of a way.  She was so feminine, so graceful, so desirable...  Why was I enjoying this so much?

I couldn't believe the instant physical effect her seductive dance was having on my body -- the lower part of it in particular.  I felt myself getting hotter and sweatier and soon became aware of the fact that a substantial amount of sticky moisture has formed down below in between the lips of my vagina.  My body was reminding me of the fact that I was very... very horny.  No sex in four months was the main reason behind my desperate state.  She needs to stop this right away or things are going to get really weird, I remember quietly thinking to myself... but I said nothing out loud at all.  So she continued on.

She gracefully came into a kneeling position just inches away from my body and gently placed her hands on my knee caps for balance.  Then... slowly and seductively... Yolanda danced her head into my crotch area, her hair falling all over my lap.  Subtle back-and-forth movements of her head insinuated oral sex, which made the lips of my vagina tingle and itch with a desperate need for an orgasm.  I caught myself wondering what it would be like to kiss her on the lips... or... to stick my fingers deeply into her delicious pussy.

Naughty thoughts were rapidly taking over my mind and there was no safeguarding against them.  Yolanda's increasingly seductive ways were not making things any easier either.  A little while into her erotic dance, she suddenly raised her head and looked at me in a way that made me imagine... or hope... that she desired me in a sexual way.  She was still kneeling in front of me but her upper body was in an upright position now... so close to me her breasts were softly rubbing against my knees -- her large nipples showing though the thin fabric of her shirt in a very provocative way.  I really liked being this close to her and I thought that she liked being this close to me too.  But then -- without a warning -- Yolanda suddenly pushed a little distance away from me which made me worry that perhaps this was the end of her erotic performance.

But it wasn’t.  I quickly realized there was more to come when Yolanda reached for the buttons of her shirt and started to slowly unbutton them one by one.  At once, her large breasts spilled out of her clothes and violently fell on my lap making a slapping sound during the process.  I just sat there stunned and surprised, starring at her breasts with indescribable lust and desire...  Two gorgeous sex objects just resting there in plain view, their warm flesh gently pressing against the skin of my sex-starved body.  I felt a wave of sexual desire pulse right through me... making me remember the horny state I was in.

“Make them hard,” Yolanda whispered to me.
I didn't understand at first.
“Make hard... make what hard?”  I asked, still confused.
“Make my nipples nice and hard," she said.

I brought my trembling hands forward and gently cupped Yolanda's breasts with them.  Is this what she wanted?  They felt so warm and soft to touch...  An urgent need has come over me to play with those breasts in a very naughty way and -- without realizing what I was doing -- I gripped them tightly and begun to press, squeeze, knead...  Rougher, harder, faster...  And the more I did it, the wetter I felt down below.

"My nipples have that... horny itch," she whispered, her eyes closed now.  "Suck them until the itch goes away."
Using the tight grip that I had around her breasts, I guided one of her nipples inside of my mouth.  She let out a quiet squeal of what I perceived was pleasure and delight.  I started licking around her large nipple in wide circles, but purposefully did not stimulate its very tip in any way at this time.  Wanting for the itch to grow so large and unbearable... that she would cry and moan begging me to suck it.

"Please..." she finally said, heavy breathing making her words sound soft and quiet.  I didn't need further prompting and right away started sucking on the tip of her nipple with passion and desire I didn't know I had I me.  Softly and carefully at first, but the longer I did it, the harder I sucked -- and the harder I sucked, the louder she moaned begging me to go on...  Didn't take very long for Yolanda's nipple to get insanely hard.  I felt the hardness with my tongue -- task accomplished.

So I gently I let it slip out of my mouth and went for Yolanda's other nipple -- this one still innocently soft and limp.  I sucked on it with sexual excitement I didn't know I had in me and felt it get very hard -- very quick.  I immediately wanted to show Yolanda what I have done… but just couldn’t bare the thought of parting with it.  Pure sexual greed was making me lick, suck and bite around Yolanda's nipple and not sharing the pleasure with anyone else.

I felt enormous pressure building deeply inside of me -- in my lower abdomen area and all around my clit.  I wanted so desperately for Yolanda to reach inside of my panties... to touch between the lips of my vagina and to relieve some of the sexual urgency I felt all over.

But she didn’t.  Instead, with a sudden gesture of her hand, she signaled for me to stop what I was doing.  Confused, I let her nipple slide out of my mouth, loosened the grip around her breasts and reluctantly retracted my hands.  I was in a state of what I could only describe as a short-term paralysis -- unable to move or speak.  All I could think was: why?  Why couldn't I suck on her gorgeous nipples just a little while longer?

She got up slowly and gracefully sat in a chair directly across from me.  Didn't do up her shirt though...  Her perky breasts still out there... still pointing toward me... still glistening from the wet treatment my tongue has given them just minutes earlier.  As she reached over towards the side table to get her glass of wine, they bounced and jiggled causing a wave of heat go right through me.

“I think I got you going there for a minute, didn’t I?”
I couldn’t answer her right away, my eyes still fixed on her breasts, my brain extremely confused about the entire incident.  Was this just a game to her?
It took me a couple of minutes, but I finally regained my composure.  I cleared my throat.
“You did.  You're very good...”
“Mission accomplished then," she said.  "Ashley's nice and horny on her first day working in a strip club full of testosterone and fat wallets.  Trust me... it's a good thing.  Nothing attracts money like a horny-vibe from an attractive half naked stripper.”

I wanted to tell Yolanda about the intense pressure inside of my stomach and the enormous fire around my clit -- but I didn't.  Instead, I raised from my chair and slowly made my way back into the bedroom and put my clothes back on.  Just a few short minutes later, I met up with her in the foyer.

"Ready to go?" she asked.
I nodded my head to signal yes.

I didn't realize then -- but as yellow taxi cab pulled up in front of Yolanda's house, an exciting brand new chapter of my life was just beginning to unfold.



A major car accident I was involved in just a few months back, left me to deal with some serious health issues such as back pain, migraines, sleeplessness and anxiety.

In addition to prescribing me pain killers and sleeping pills, my family doctor referred me to a rehabilitation clinic specializing in car accident injuries for a series of back adjustment as well as some massage therapy.  He was especially optimistic about the massage therapy, convinced it would reduce my pain and anxiety and fix my sleeping problems for good.

John’s Total Health and Wellness was a small and unimpressive locale with bare walls and few furnishings or decorations.  The owner John, on the other hand, seemed like a nice enough of a guy and I quickly came to like his heavy-accented chit chat and his unnaturally wide grin.

However -- session after session -- weeks of treatments were going by quickly, but I wasn’t noticing much of an improvement in my overall condition.  The massages just didn’t seem to work.  Gladys, the massage therapist assigned to me by John, tried her best to press and knead into me with all her power and might, but just wasn't able to alleviate any of my symptoms.

My wife Janet was becoming frustrated with the poor progress of my therapy goals.  “This whole massage thing is a complete waste of time and a waste of the insurance company’s money,” she told me.  She said she would have a little talk with John.

This wasn’t good news for John as was my wife was just the most unpleasant person to deal with.  She was rude and unfriendly and made everyone around her nervous and uncomfortable.  I said to her that perhaps I should be the one to have this chat with John -- this was after all was a matter concerning my person -- but she gave me the evil eye and simply said no.  There was no point in arguing with her.  Sad to say but my wife completely ruled my life and made most of my decisions for me.

So the very next time we were there, Janet confronted John and plain told him that unless there was a drastic improvement in my physical well-being over the next couple of weeks, I would not be coming for therapy any longer.

John’s smile faded as soon as heard this news.  He clearly didn’t want to lose a solid patient like me; his small business just couldn’t afford it.  I saw panic and desperation in his eyes and just knew that this man would do anything to keep me coming back.

I knew that John didn’t like my wife very much.  Couldn’t stand her.  One time he even asked me why a nice guy like me was married to a witch like her.  But he had no other choice right now but to suck up to her and fight hard for the hefty insurance checks.

He quickly regained his composure.  With a friendly, reassuring smile he told my wife that a new massage therapist was to start at the clinic the following week.  He said she was a nice young lady who recently completed studies in the field of Oriental therapy and massage.  “She has the hands of a magician that could heal a dying man,” he said.

He put his hand on Janet’s shoulder.  “I promise you Janet that Claudia will relieve most or even all of your husband’s symptoms in a very short time.  Just give her a chance.  She was referred to our clinic by a well-known healer.”  Janet seemed intrigued and told John to schedule me in.

I just had a good feeling about the new massage lady and couldn’t wait to meet her.  The days just couldn’t go by any slower.

When we finally showed up at the clinic on the day of the appointment, John offered my wife some green tea to sip on while she waited for me in a small waiting area by reception.  He then turned his full attention to me.  Asked me how I was feeling today and after a brief chit-chat told me to follow him into the treatment section of the clinic.

Heavy curtain behind the reception desk led to a long hallway nesting about a half dozen treatment rooms.  I was only familiar with the one closest to reception which was where Gladys used to see me.  But John led me right passed it and deeper into the hallway until we reached the very last door.

“Go in there my man and get ready for your massage,” John said.  “Claudia will be with you shortly.”  He winked at me secretively.  “And make sure you enjoy each and every minute of the special treatment.”

When I entered the treatment room I must say I was in for a bit of a surprise.  This space just didn’t seem to fit the style of the clinic.  This room was nicely decorated and felt cosy.  It had plants, pictures and even a rug.  Lighting was minimal but sufficient.  The massage table was big and sturdy and instead of a plain white sheet like Gladys had, there was a fluffy blanket covering the table’s top.  There was a big pillow by the headrest which was something I never saw on Gladys’ massage table either.

I took my clothes off, put them neatly on a nearby chair and slid under the wonderfully soft blanket.  I was facing up, my head comfortably resting on the pillow.  I felt good and relaxed already.

There was a quiet knock on the door.  “Ready?” a soft voice asked.

I answered that yes, I was ready, at which point a young woman entered the room.

Wow.  I was expecting Claudia to be a younger version of Gladys – plain looking, muscular and all business-like.  But instead, I laid my eyes on just the most gorgeous brunette.  She looked like an actress from a porno I saw not long ago.  She had long eyelashes and big sensual lips.  It wasn’t hard to notice that she also had a pair of very large breasts.  They were so enormous in fact that the overcoat she wore was stretched to its max around her chest.  Couple of her top buttons were left undone revealing a sexy cleavage.

“My name Claudia,” she said in broken English.  “You hurt and pain.  I here to make massage and pleasure.”

Yes baby, massage and pleasure, I thought simply breath taken by Claudia’s beauty, unable to say anything out loud for the time being.

Claudia didn’t waste any time.  She placed her hands on my shoulders, heavily leaned into me and started to wonderfully rub around my neck area.  She was so close to me I could smell her intoxicating perfume and feel her warm breath on my forehead.  Supported by the pillow and in a semi-vertical positon, my head was perfectly aligned with her cleavage and I just couldn’t help but stare as her half-exposed breasts sensually shook with the rhythm of the massage.

Holy shit.  I suddenly realized that I was getting an erection.  There was no question about it, my penis was definitely getting larger and harder – a beautiful male wonder I have not experienced since my car accident or even longer than that.  But this was not the place or the time and I was terrified by this unexpected development.  Stop it!  I was mentally yelling at my dick.  Stop it right now!  But it didn’t listen.  My dick was hard as a rock.

Claudia would surely notice my erected penis in just a matter of minutes and I was starting to panic.  What will she do when she sees it?  Likely run out of the room and complain to John about me.  I decided the best thing would be to end the massage session immediately.

“Claudia, there is a little problem…”  I started to tell her but she didn’t let me finish.

“Shhh… we fix problem,” she whispered into my ear and then started suckling on it in the most sensual way.  I was shocked.  In my wildest dreams I never expected for the events of this massage session to progress down this naughty path.  However -- I did not mind it at all.

My dick was just enormous by now.  Still nibbling on my ear, Claudia found it with her hand and squeezed it gently through the blanket.  I briefly thought of my wife… sipping on her green tea right now and patiently waiting for me.  But it was too late.  There was nothing -- no power in the world -- that could drag me away from Claudia right now.

She squeezed my dick a little bit harder.  “Here big tension there and big problem,” she said.  “We fix.”  I was completely helpless.  All I could think in my suddenly sex craved brain was -- fix it baby, fix it good.

Claudia pulled away from me now and stood up straight, facing me.  Her breasts seemed even larger now than they did before and I could see her hard nipples slightly poking through the fabric of her white overcoat.  I said a little prayer in my head asking God to let me see Claudia’s breasts.

This was my lucky day and I knew my prayers were about to be answered when Claudia begun to slowly unbutton her coat.  She was teasing me by taking her time with each and every one of the many buttons.

When she was finally done, she slipped out of her coat and threw it on the floor.  Underneath she was practically naked.  All she had on was a lacy black bra and a skimpy G-string.  Her body was just unreal.  Absolutely gorgeous.

“You like?” she asked?

“I do Claudia, I like a lot.”

My hands reached for her breasts and popped them out of the bra cups.  Her nipples were unbelievable and just like I thought – hard and swollen with sexual excitement.  I brought them toward my face and started sucking on them, evenly alternating between the right nipple and the left.  Claudia threw her head back moaning in pleasure.  “Suck them, Baby.  Suck good.”

I could hear the sound of my wife’s voice carry all the way here from the waiting room, but that only made me suck on Claudia’s nipples harder.  And the harder I sucked, the hornier I got.  There was no turning back right now.

It’s been quite a few months since my wife and I last had sex.  All my post-accident symptoms made a practically impotent.  Until now.

I managed to stuff both of Claudia’s nipples inside of my mouth and passionately ran over them with my tongue – quickly licking back and forth from one to the other.  Claudia suddenly pulled away from me, making her nipples slide out of my mouth with a plop.  She had another activity on her mind as she started to slowly roll the blanket down my torso, gradually exposing my naked body.

When she got all the way down to my penis and saw my erection, she said: “Hello there Meester Big.”

I took a quick look and could not believe my massive hard-on.  My dick was large -- and so stiff it stood up straight pointing toward the ceiling.  I couldn’t remember the last time my penis got to be this big.  My erections certainly never looked this way when I was having sex with my wife.

“Sorry,” I shyly said to Claudia still uncomfortable about the indecent state of my manhood.

“No need to embarrass.  That natural.”

This girl made me feel so good I wanted to cry.

She squirted some type of massage oil all over my business and cupped my testicles with her right hand, her long fingernails sensually tickling inside my crotch.  She gave it a little squeeze and started massaging my balls in the most heavenly way, her hand rolling up and down and all around my tender scrotum.  Her other hand was holding on to my penis, pushing it out of the way to allow her better access to my balls.

“Big tension there,” she said giving my balls a tighter squeeze.  “Too much semen inside.  We take out.”

“Yes, take it out, take it all out”, I was trying say through heavy breathing.  I was moaning and groaning, the intense pleasure making me incoherent and illogical.  “I love you Claudia.  I love you so much.”

Claudia put her little finger on my lips.  “Shhh big boy… your wife no far.”

“Okay Baby, I’ll shut up.  I’ll do anything you say.  Just please, keep massaging my horny balls.”

Claudia had some interesting pleasure tricks up her sleeve.  This obviously was not the first set of balls she massaged in her life.  Using the fingertips of both of her hands, Claudia gently grasped the skin of my scrotum and started to stretch it in many different directions.  It felt like I was in heaven.  But there was more to come after that.  She formed little circles with the thumb and the index finger of each of her hands and ringed my balls.  She squeezed tight making them pop out of the rings.  She then slowly pulled them away from my scrotum allowing me the experience of the most pleasurable pain of my life.

“I think you ready for ejaculate,” she said.

“Yes Claudia.  I ready for ejaculate.”

Claudia fisted her hands and alternating them in a slow but a rhythmic manner, massaged my hard cock in an upward direction.  Starting at the base of my penis, she was sliding up my enormous erection and finishing at the head of my penis with a little squeeze.  Repeat.  And repeat.  And repeat.

She then switched things up again.  While squeezing my balls with one hand, she was masturbating me up and down with the other.  The pleasure derived from the combination of these stimuli was just unbelievable.  I could hear the unpleasant sound of my wife’s voice in the background once again.  She was talking to someone in her usual loud and bossy manner.

“Take off you bra Claudia.” I whispered.  Her breasts were already hanging out of her bra but I wanted no visual obstruction there whatsoever.

Claudia undid her bra from the back and tossed it onto the floor.  I couldn’t take my eyes off her gorgeous breasts -- so round and perky -- and I knew that the end of my special massage treatment was almost there.

Claudia stood to the right of the massage table, at my mid-body, her body facing toward me.  Her bare breasts right there in front of me.  She slowly reached for my penis with her right hand and started the most divine masturbation of my entire life, starting off gently and slowly but in time picking up the speed and intensifying the squeeze.  Her breasts bounced from the impact of the hand job and it was just the most spectacular sight to watch them go up and down as she jerked me off.

My eyes traveled back and forth from her bouncy breasts to the tip of my cock -- ready to explode with abundant amounts of backlogged cum at any second now.  Then I looked up at Claudia’s mouth and saw her tongue snake out of it and lick her lips in the most provocative way.

And that’s when I started ejaculating.  The convulsions of my orgasm were extremely powerful and the amount of semen spraying out of the eye of my penis was just unbelievable.  It all landed just north of my belly button.  The intense pleasure of my orgasm made me squeal and Claudia quickly brought a towel to my mouth to muffle the sound.

“Shhh… no let your wife hear.”

When I was all done ejaculating, Claudia used a wet towel to clean me up.  She then disappeared behind the door without even saying good bye and that was it.  My massage session was over.

“So how was it, Honey,” my wife asked as soon as I emerged from behind the curtain.  “How are you “feeling?”  I couldn’t form a coherent sentence to answer her, still exhausted by the electrifying sexual release I experienced just minutes earlier.  But I quickly regained my composure.

“I feel great… wonderful!”  I told her excited.  “I haven’t felt this good in months.  This Oriental technique is a true miracle…  My headache is completely gone and I feel no pain in my back whatsoever.”

And I wasn’t lying.  My pain was gone for real and I truly felt like a new born baby.

“Thank you, Honey, for taking charge and helping me find the way to heal.  I love you.”

I kissed Janet on the forehead and went over to see John about another appointment with Claudia.  He opened his appointment book and winked at me as he circled me in for next Tuesday.





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My brother-in-law’s insanely large cock.

My brother in law was visiting with us last month for a few days, which he usually does a couple times in a year.  His girlfriend couldn’t make it to see us this time around.  She couldn’t the get time off from work.

One afternoon, my husband had one too many beers while watching some baseball on T.V. and my brother in law, instead of my husband, showed up to pick me up from my late shift at work.

It was a nice night, dark but warm, and we started our forty minute  trip home in a complete silence, both of us tired and ready for bed.

Couple minutes into our drive though, I couldn’t help but stare in the direction of my brother in law’s crotch.  It was a sight that could not be overlooked.  James was wearing a pair of really nice but extremely tight jeans which did not do a very good job concealing a sizeable bump between his legs.

I remembered a very naughty conversation James’ girlfriend and I had one night while tipsy on wine.  Carly shared with me that James had the largest, biggest, fattest penis of any guys she ever slept with.  And Carly used to be a bit of a slut in her younger days, I would estimate fucked a few dozens of guys.

I couldn’t help but look more intensely toward James’ crotch area after remembering that little fact about him.  And I thought to myself at that moment that I would give anything to see that big penis of his with my own eyes.

So I told James that I was hot and took my sweater off.  That left me with a tight undershirt on that barely covered my breasts.  I moved closer to the edge of the seat to strategically place my breasts in his peripheral vision.  As he drove on the bumpy country road, I exaggerated the impact of every pothole we went over to let my breasts bounce and jiggle.

There was no way James could ignore the sexy bouncing and jiggling no matter how hard he tried to stare at the road in front of him and not think about it.  He seemed uncomfortable at first, but there was no doubt about it, his dick was getting harder and larger.  I could see it right through his tight jeans.  What I was doing was definitely turning him on.

o I took a big chance and put my hand on his crotch.  I didn’t know what his reaction would be considering that I was his brother’s wife and stuff.  But he was cool with it.  Didn’t say anything and didn’t move.  So I squeezed his balls and ran my hand up and down the big bulge in his pants.

James looked over at me with a horny gaze in his eyes and pilled over by the side of the road.  We quickly moved to the back seat of the car and reached for each other like horny animals.  He pulled my undershirt off with one fast move of his hand and started kissing my breasts like with a passion I did not expect out him under the circumstance.  He was sucking my nipples like they were some kind of a special treat.  I knew why.  Carly’s breasts were pretty nice and a good size, but they didn’t compare to my D size mountains of fun.

When he was finished playing with my breasts, he opened his pants and I finally got to see his dick.  It was just like Carly described it.  Big, thick and wonderful.

I told James to completely remove his pants and to spread his legs nice and wide.  Like you’re in the doctor’s office, I told him.  First leg on the floor and the second one high up by the head rest of the far back seat.  I knelt down the best I could in the tight space I had to work with but I was all right.  I enjoyed the view of James’ private area spread out in front of me and ready for me to eat it.  I got to it and went for his massive testicles first, putting them in their entirety inside of my mouth.  I sucked them good while James moaned and groaned like a wounded animal.  What I did was clearly giving him great pleasure.

I wanted to take his penis in my horny mouth as soon as I could.  Curious what the enormous organ would feel and taste like once inside of me.  I slowly inserted it into my mouth as much as it would go.  If felt great.  Like a charged up gun ready to shoot at any minute.  I went up and down its length a few times, abundant amounts of my saliva making things so much better and sexier.

My original plan was to suck on James’s wonderful penis until he ejaculated into my mouth.  But my pussy was extremely wet and horny right now and I thought the hardness of his cock could be utilized in a much better way.  Why waste this wonderful erection on a cum-and-swallow when it could pleasure my horny cunt and make me orgasm?

I lifted up my skirt up and climbed on top of James, my breasts right in his face almost suffocating him.  I didn’t bother taking my underwear off, just pushed the lacy fabric to the side to expose the slit of my tight and moist vagina.  I aligned James’ cock with my horny hole and used my body weight to jab it into me.

My pussy never felt anything like this before.  James’ massive cock was filling its entire space.  It stretched it and pushed it… and when I started fucking his cock up and down, it scratched each and every itch inside my pussy that none was able to scratch before.

He screamed loudly when he came.  I could feel his sticky warmth spritzing me on the inside and the sexiness of it made me orgasm instantly too.

When we got home, there was a surprise waiting for us.  Carly was able to get the time off from work after all and came in on the first available flight to join us.  My husband and her cooked up the surprise together, my husband pretending to be drunk to get James out of the house when she was due to arrive.

he ran to put her arms around James and whispered in his ear how much she missed him.

Obsessed with big boobs.  What my wife doesn't know won't hurt her.

I’m John and I will be making a sex confession today.  Here it goes.

So I’m a happily married man.  My wife of two years is a wonderful lady; smart, funny and kind.  Physically, super attractive, feminine and pretty, and would make the perfect ten if it wasn’t for one defect in her physical appearance that being her rather small breasts.

Her chest is not totally flat but definitely on the smaller side as far as the bra size is concerned.  No “meat there”, no cleavage, tiny freckles for nipples.  And that’s a bit of an issue for me as I am what you call a “tit man”, like them big and bouncy.  To be completely honest, I’ve been obsessed with large breasts since my early teenage years when I would steal my older brother’s pornographic magazines and masturbate to images on nude, big chested ladies.  No other way to say it, I love big tits, the bigger the better.

Before I got married, I tried hard to score dates with big chested girls as much as I could or, on occasion, paid for the privilege of playing with a pair of big juicy boobs when no other option was available.  But then I met my wife...  Kathy was such a great lady that I wanted to be with her despite her lacking in that area of feminine sex appeal.  Madly in love, I thought my days of immature infatuation with breasts were over with.

But I was wrong.  Not long after our wedding day, I started to once again think about big bobs almost to the point of obsessing about them.  Don’t take me wrong, our newly-wed sex was pretty good, but I definitely felt like there was something missing there during our love making, and my orgasms were not as powerful as they used to be.  Sex just wasn’t the same without big tits squishing into my face or hard nipples playfully poking my balls.  And there no tit fucks with Kathy...  And I used to love to get tit fucked a lot.

That’s when I decided to get in touch with an old friend, Melissa.  Melissa used to be a stripper at a club I used to visit once in a while before I met my wife.  After that actually as well.  She was one of the top girls there; sexy, smart and funny.  But what I liked about her the most was the fact that she had a pair of just the most spectacular boobs.  I used to take her up to one of the private rooms at the back of the club and pay her top dollars to lap dance for me.  She used to make me come so fast.  Just by slapping her big boobs into my face; while her hand inside my pants, erotically massaging my cock.

She agreed to meet me for coffee.  Without beating around the bush I just went ahead with what I was there to ask her.  Would she consider a discreet adult arrangement with me?  In exchange of payment, would she meet with me once in a while and let me play with her big tits?  Without hesitation she said she would do it with pleasure.

So we meet about once a month, usually on a Friday night.  I tell my wife that it’s beer and wing night with the guys and meet Melissa in a motel just outside of town.  Our one hour together is all about me enjoying her big tits and nothing else.  For the most part we follow the exact same script and do the very same things in pretty much same order.

So as soon as we get inside the motel room, I go straight for the bed and stretch out on it, couple pillows under my back for a semi-upright position.  Melissa doesn’t waste any time and hops on right away.  She sits on me astride with her pussy pressing against my cock.  We’re fully clothed at this point.  She rocks her hips and rubs her pussy against my dick to get my erection going.  Doesn’t take long.

Melissa likes to tease.  She slowly takes off her top and gives me an erotic “horny stripper” show that she used to do so good back in a day.  She playfully touches her enormous breasts, squishes them together, shakes them for me, twirls her nipples with her fingertips.  All while making sexy “I’m so horny” noises.  She brings her nipples to her mouth and sensually licks them with her own tongue.  She then lets her breasts fall free, holds on to the headboard and dry humps my cock, her body rocking violently, her tits slapping me in the face.  I reach for them with my hands and squeeze them as hard as I can.  I like to point her nipples toward my face and blow on them.  I like to put them in my mouth, both of them at the same time, and suck.  Lick, chew, taste with my tongue.  Melissa, whose clit continues to rub against my hard crotch as I play with her tits, reaches her orgasm pretty quickly.  She’s not shy about it and screams loudly when she comes.

After Melissa has her orgasm, she’s a hundred percent focused on me.  She goes to her purses, fishes a bottle of baby oil out of it and squirts the oil all over her breasts.  She puts on an erotic show while sensually rubbing the oil in.  When her breasts are nice and oily she says, “Come on big boy, they’re ready for you…”  That’s when I get up from the bed, take off my pants and sit on the love seat with my dick hard as a rock, its swollen tip pointing toward the ceiling.

Melissa kneels in front of me and brings her big boobs near my hard cock.  Teases by rubbing the side of my penis with her large, pointy nipples.  This pushes me over the edge and I can’t take the abundant buildup of cum inside my testicles any longer.  I insert my penis in between her breasts and proceed to thrust it into this warm, tight and wonderfully slippery space in a back and forth manner.  She squeezes her breasts together from their sides to make it even tighter in there for me.  I fuck her tits hard and it feels so good…  I go in and out and pump faster and faster…  I end up ejaculating all over her boobs and often the strands of her long hair if they happen to be in the way.  I love watching myself squirt all over her.  She likes to watch it too.  When it’s all over, I rub the side of my penis in the creamy paddles of cum dripping down her breasts.  The feeling of pleasure I experience at that moment is so unbelievable I can’t even put it into words.  I never have orgasms of this caliber of intensity with my wife…  Never.

Takes me about ten minutes to get over the feeling of sudden physical exhaustion caused by the labour-intensive process of emptying my balls.

On my way home I get my wife some flowers.  I know her heart would break had she known what I did with a sexy ex-stripper in a cheap motel room just minutes before I got home.  However, I don’t actually feel too guilty about what I do with Mellissa.  I don’t feel like I’m really cheating on my wife since there is no intercourse or even oral sex involved during our adult time together.

I care for my wife very much but always impatiently look forward to my next Friday with Melissa.

Orgasm by lollipop.  The best feeling ever.

I would like to share a very interesting sexual experience that I had just a couple of days ago.

It was a Friday night.  I was on the couch relaxing and watching a movie when my husband came home from work.  I’m a huge candy lover and happened to be sucking on a cherry-flavored lollipop at the time.  My husband looked exhausted and started complaining about his tough day at work as soon as he walked through the door.

Normally, I would be more than happy to listen to him -- but on this particular day, I just wasn’t in the mood.  So completely ignoring him, I started giggling and getting all silly with the lollipop that I was sucking on.  I took it out of my mouth and started licking and sucking on it in a very provocative way -- insinuating the lollipop was the tip of my husband’s penis and that I was giving it a playful blow job.

This little show gave my husband an instant hard-on and he was on the couch next to me before I could blink.  Didn't ask me if he could -- just slid off my jeans together with my panties with one quick maneuver of his strong arm and grabbed me by my legs in a way that bough my knees high up in the air and against my shoulders.  This spread my pussy lips and exposed the pink flesh hiding in between them.


My husband stuck out his tongue and slowly ran it up and down the middle of it.  His tongue was very wet and juicy and it moisturized me down there instantly.  It also really turned me on… my own pussy juices flowing now as well and mixing together with his warm saliva.

I did not expect my husband's next move at all.  He grabbed my lollipop by the end of its stick and pulled it right out of my mouth.  I thought it was to maybe kiss my mouth or something like that but it was not.

To my surprise, instead tossing the lollipop aside, my husband brought it down to my private part and started to pleasure me with it.  He ran it up and down the entire length of my pussy while twirling it at the same time, starting with my clit and finishing at my butt.  Back and forth like this.  I was surprised by this at first, but quickly realized that what he was doing felt pretty good.  The pleasure was intense and the slow build-up to my orgasm was like nothing I ever experienced before.  The sugary candy thickened up the juices down there and made things sticky in a bizarre yet very erotic way.  It also made my pussy glimmer the color of hot pink and made everything smell sweet and fruity.

Couple of ecstatic minutes later, my husband stopped with the back-and-forth with the lollipop and concentrated his efforts on my clit.  As if he read my mind…  He used the lollipop to trace tight sticky circles around it.  When I was just about to orgasm, he paused.  This made me moan in frustration and yell out to him to keep going.  But he had something else in mind... he stuck the lollipop right inside my pussy and started to fuck me with it.  I can’t explain how incredibly good that felt to me.  Sweet-warm-sticky ball of pleasure penetrating my horny vagina with passionate urgency...

I came fast and hard while my body convulsed and twitched with the best orgasm of my life.  When I was done, my husband pulled the lollipop out of my pussy, put it in his mouth and sucked on it hard as he fucked me missionary style till he exploded inside of me with abundant amounts of warm semen.

Aunt Rosie and her countless ways to extract my cum.

Just had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed The Buttery Hand Job in your Naughty Stories section.  For me your story was very special.  It brought back many memories from my youth when my mother's best friend, Rosie, came to stay with us after my father died.  She stayed with us to watch me while my Mom attended college on weekends in order to get a teaching certificate.  I was almost eighteen then and called her Aunty Rosie.  Needless to say, Aunt Rosie was one hot and sexy cougar.  Today, she'd be called a MILF but in truth the only word to describe her would be MASTURBATRIX.   And boy did she take care of me that summer. 

I guess you could say I was young, dumb and full of cum and Aunty Rosie was determined to extract every last drop of it out of me.  I'm not complaining.  For, if the truth be told, I was so depressed after my Dad died that if it wasn't for Aunty Rosie I might have killed myself.  Your story brings it all back, because the first time she jerked me off, like you, she lubed my cock with butter and even warmed her butter coated index finger up my ass to simulate my prostrate.  Just by thinking about that now, I get rock hard and I can still smell the butter.  So you see, I'm in your debt for bringing back that fantastic summer.  I could go on forever about the many ways she drew massive amounts of cum out of me, how she used ice, baby oil even an electric toothbrush on my balls and gens.  And it all comes back to me now thanks to you.

I know today that hand jobs are not everyone's thing but I can tell you in all honesty I loved the way she milked every drop out of me and was more than delighted to let her have her way with me.  Like your Lisa, she loved to watch me ejaculate and for that I'm more than thankful, so thanks again for your delightful Buttery Hand Job.  Just thinking about that time makes me incredibly horny and just like with Aunty Rosie, I'd love to share those times with a woman who really enjoys jacking a guy off and watching him shoot his load.

My masturbation fantasy.

I masturbated just this morning -- it was the very first thing I did when I woke up.  Didn't use a vibrator -- which I sometimes do – I just squirted some hand lotion on the tip of my middle finger and started rubbing my clit with it.  I rubbed around it in circles going very slow at first.  As I was getting more and more turned on, my own pussy juices started to flow and I smeared them all around my clit.  Didn't need the hand lotion any more.  Here is the sexual fantasy that played out in my head as I was trying to get myself to orgasm (based on something that actually happened to my best friend a while back).

So I'm in a night club, looking super-hot.  Total stranger approaches me and starts flirting with me.  He's big and tall and I like his style.  I get the urge to taste his cock in my mouth and decide to seduce him.  I really want to give this guy a blow job...  While on the dance floor, I try to make him hard by acting like a total slut.  Dancing way too close to him, I rub my boobs against his chest and grind my hips into his crotch.  This is really turning him on.  When I feel his penis get nice and hard, I ask if we could talk in his car for a while.

Next we're inside his car and while sucking on his earlobe, I rub the stranger's penis up and down through his pants.  I can feel it get larger and harder with every move of my hand.  He throws his head back and moans with pleasure as I start rubbing faster and pressing harder.  I finally open his pants and let his huge erection spring free.  I place my hand over his swollen balls and squeeze them gently.  This is pushing him over the edge.

"Suck my dick," he says.  He wraps a strand of my hair around his hand and uses the grip to guide my mouth towards his rock-hard penis.  He's rough and impatient, anxious to ejaculate.  The tip of his penis is swollen and pink -- and a drop of slimy pre-cum oozes out of its eye.  I lick it off and then take the tip into my mouth.  It's warm and soft and I suck it like a pacifier.  But my new friend is in a hurry to empty his cum-filled balls and gets rougher with me.  He pushes down on my head and the entire length of his cock is deeply engulfed inside of my mouth now -- so deep I can feel its tip press against the back of my throat.  I run my tongue all around it and taste it all over.  I then start with the blow job -- enjoying the silky sensation of his smooth penis as it enters and exits my mouth.  I go slowly but this guy is beyond horny now and very anxious to release himself.  He wraps more of my hair around his hand and uses the grip to control the speed with which my mouth travels up and down the length of his cock.  He makes me go faster... and faster... and finally, he comes.  His orgasm is grand.  Large amounts of salty semen squirt into my mouth and I swallow his cum with pleasure.  The mental visual takes me right to my orgasm.

And there you have it.  The culminating moment of my erotic fantasy -- when a guy I don't even know ejaculates into my mouth and I happily swallow his cum -- was when I achieved my orgasm this morning.  Perhaps sounding like too complicated of a sexual fantasy for just a morning quickie, but only took a couple of minutes to play out in my mind and worked really well.  It made for a very pleasurable start to my day.

And that's my sex confession for today.

How my best friend watched me fuck my boyfriend.

A couple of months ago, my best friend Kristen came from out of town to stay with me for the weekend.  On the Saturday night of that weekend a group of us, including my boyfriend Pete, went out to a night club and had a great time drinking hard and partying wild.  Kristen and I had way too much to drink -- which is what we usually do when we get together.  Pete drove us home and after walking us upstairs said that he suddenly felt too tired to drive home so I told him to stay the night.  The three of us started to watch some TV, but Kristen bailed out on us pretty soon saying she was very tired and wanted to go to bed.  When she disappeared into the guest room, Pete and I started fooling around and before we realized it, we were so horny for each other that there was no stopping us.  I pulled down his pants and knelt in front of him to give him a blow job.  I took his penis in my mouth and started sucking on it and -- as I was doing that -- I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the guest room door suddenly opened up a crack.  This could only mean one thing -- Kristen was watching us.  My very first reaction was to stop sucking on Pete’s cock but -- fueled by the large amount of alcohol that I consumed throughout the evening I guess -- I quickly found myself quite turned on by this weird situation.  So I decided to go with it and give Kristen the peep show of her life.

I suddenly felt like a porn star in the middle of a steamy adult scene and loved it.  I was blowing Pete's cock like I've never blown it before...  gave him the deep throat treatment to the point of almost gagging on it -- while ensuring the entire time that Kristen had the best possible view of what was going on.  Acting like I didn't know that she was watching us, of course.  Pete -- who didn't know what was happening -- was quite impressed with my performance and soon whispered to me that he was ready to cum.  However, I thought that Kristen deserved a better ending to her surprise peep show than Pete's quick release into my mouth.  I pulled away and told Pete to sit on the love seat (which happened to be facing the guest bedroom door).  I took my time seductively taking my clothes off, then straddled Pete, jabbing his penis deeply into my pussy.  Kristen had the perfect from-behind view of my pussy fucking Pete's cock.  I was thrusting myself wildly against Pete's body to give Kristen the dirtiest sex show of her life.  When Pete was close to ejaculating, I hopped off and went to finish him off with my hand.  I wanted for Kristen to enjoy the sight of Pete ejaculating and seeing his cum squirting all over my bare tits.

When he was done, I sat next to him on the love seat, spread my legs wide apart and had him rub my clit till I reached my orgasm -- moaning and groaning loudly while enjoying this very erotic experience.  I could see the silhouette of Kirsten's body in the crack of the door, open a bit wider now, and I could tell that she was masturbating.  That did it for me.  I reached my orgasm looking straight into the crack of the door.  It was so intense and so good...   made so much better by the fact that I was a temporary porn start....  I collapsed into Pete's chest and closed my eyes for just a couple of minutes to let my breathing get back to normal.  When I opened them, the guest room door was shut closed again -- as if Kristen was never even there.

Kristen and I never talked about this incident and went about being friends as if it never happened.

Having sex at the office and loving it.

I’ve been involved in a secret sexual relationship with a much younger co-worker for about six months now.  The exciting part is the fact that we do all of our “dirty deeds” right in his office and during work hours.  All this made possible thanks to a convenient location of my co-worker’s office which is near the production plant and in a secluded area of the building.  Jay is the Plant Manager.

We’ve been flirting with each other almost since the first day we met, but never followed through on our sexual urges due to the fact that both of us were in committed relationships at the time.  Though, that little detail mattered to me much more than it mattered to him back then.  Jay’s marriage was falling apart and he wasn’t getting any sexual action at home.  The poor guy was constantly horny, so much he would screw anybody and everybody who would only open their legs for him.

Jay liked me a lot and wanted to screw me too.  He was especially fascinated with my large breasts and on more than one occasion half-joked that he would kill to see what my nipples looked like.

Then things in my life changed very unexpectedly.  My boyfriend of two years dumped me and moved out of our apartment never looking back.  Understandably, I was very upset about the break up.   For about a month I barely ate or slept and mostly kept to myself at work.  It was a difficult time in my life.

But a day came when all the stress, all the upset and all the tension finally went away.  It happened suddenly and when I was least prepared for it.  I was sitting at my office desk drinking a cup of coffee when at once I felt relaxed and happy.  And that’s when it happened… a month’s worth of supressed sexual needs in one quick instant became densely concentrated deeply inside of my pelvis.  I needed an orgasm and I needed one right now.

So I went into Jay’s office and closed the door behind me.  With a slick move of my hand I pressed the little button in the door knob and quickly locked it.  I walked right up to him, stood maybe an inch away and said: “Today is the day you finally get to see my nipples.”

I unbuttoned my shirt and undid my bra from the front.  My large breasts were exposed and right at Jay’s eye level.  He wasn’t ready for what was happening and looked taken off guard and confused.  I suddenly regretted my bold move thinking that he would tell me to button up and leave.  I think that he actually did consider that for a brief millisecond.  But the longer he stared at my breasts the less confused he looked.  In a matter of moments, his sexual animal took hold over his mind and body.  You could just tell by the gazed look on his face and his suddenly loud breathing.  And I knew at that point that I was in for some nice office sex.

He took my nipple in his mouth and started to suck it.  Then the other one.  Then managed to stuff both of them inside of his mouth and suck them both at the same time.  I was in heaven because nipples are very sensitive erogenous zone on my body and nipple stimulation turns me on very much.  Having them sucked hard by a horny man in particular.

When I thought my clitoris was at the point of exploding, I quietly whispered in his ear, “I need to get fucked, Jay.”

So he fucked me.  From behind as I was bending over top of his desk with my skirt pulled over my hips and my panties down at my feet.  Fucked me hard and good and we both came very fast.

Ever since that first time I come visit Jay in his office on a regular basis.  This is not always easy.  We both have to be extremely careful not to raise any suspicion around here considering the fact that Jay is still married and also that we are at our place of employment paid to work, not fuck.

Sometimes all I want is to taste his penis in my mouth.  He drops his pants and I challenge myself to get him off in less than five minutes.  I achieve that each and every time because of a great technique I mastered.  At first I suck hard but slow taking him in deeply and enjoying the taste of his penis sliding against my wet tongue.  I speed up when he’s close and encourage him to guide the movements of my head to his desired speed, angle and depth of the blow job.  I feel like a dirty whore and love the feeling.  I let him come in my mouth and enjoy the taste of his ejaculate on my tongue.

Other times I take my clothes off and give him a little lap dance as he’s sitting in his office chair.  Then I plant myself across him and ride him hard while he’s holding my boobs to his mouth and sucking my nipples.  That’s probably my favorite way to orgasm as both, my clit and my nipples get pleasured at the same time.

Office sex is a really fun and kinky experience, a totally different kind of naughty and bad.  I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.

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